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12 Quick & Simple Ways to Make Money on the Internet
12 Quick & Simple Ways to Make Money on the Internet

12 Quick & Simple Ways to Make Money on the Internet

As technology develops, how to get money from the internet is not a difficult thing to do today. Anyone can use the internet as land and a tool to make money, both monthly and additional income.

Well, if you are one of those people who want to benefit from this technology, see what ways you can do to earn money from the internet below.

1. Become an influencer

Nowadays, becoming an influencer is one way to make money from the internet that many people do. This emerged after the development of the world of technology and informatics so that social media is used as a place to do many things, including promoting a product.

Influencers are people who have the ability to influence others by using social media. This method has become a method commonly used by various companies so that those of you who have persuasive and public speaking skills can become influencers to earn income.

2. Become an online tutor

Those of you who are happy with the world of education and are reliable in certain subjects, can take advantage of your abilities as well as your hobbies to bring in income. The trick, you can become an online tutor whose job is to help school children do their assignments online .

Besides being able to benefit from the abilities you have, this method can also hone your skills so that they are even better in the future. To be able to become an online tutor , you only need to register first in an online tutoring application that is opening vacancies.

3. Become a freelancer

Being a freelancer is not a new thing in today’s world. No wonder there are many sites that offer freelance work for the various types of abilities you have. Starting from writing, translating text or scripts, designs, and other capabilities that can be done remotely .

By utilizing freelancer search sites , you can find the right job without having to stop doing your main job. The pay that you get by becoming a freelancer is also quite tempting, starting from Rp. 50 thousand to millions of rupiah.

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4. Fill out an online survey

If you only have a little time, but want to earn extra from the internet, then this is one way to make money from the internet that you can do.

Today, there are many sites that offer paid online surveys to find out the performance of a particular company’s product or service. Well, you can fill out surveys online and get paid for doing so.

However, don’t forget to be careful because there are several services that try to ask for your privacy data details when registering. To ensure the level of security and reputation of the survey organizers, don’t forget to do your research first!

5. Selling photos and video footage

Those of you who like the world of photography and videography can also make money from the internet. To do this, you can search for official sites that provide various types of photos and video footage for general sale.

Well, you can sell photos or videos of your work on these sites. Some sites usually apply the concept of a contributor with a payment mechanism that you get from every person/ subscriber who downloads photos or videos of your work.

6. Selling beats and music samples

Just as technology continues to evolve, the world of music also evolves with the times. Well, you can use this to earn additional income from the internet.

The trick, you can sell beats or music samples that you make in various forms, ranging from full music, part sequences , to instrument sounds ( samples ). You can sell it on social media, personal sites, or digital platforms that facilitate musicians to be creative.

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7. Gaming

How to get money from the internet this one is perfect for those of you who like to play games . In addition to doing hobbies or just filling time, you can also increase your game playing skills by participating in tournaments. You can also become a game streamer on several live streaming platforms , such as YouTube, Twitch, Streamlabs, and others.

To become a professional game streamer , you certainly have to improve your ability to play games , communicate and present events, have capable recording and gaming equipment , as well as a smooth internet network.

8. Become a virtual assistant

This type of work may still sound foreign to some people. However, working as a virtual assistant turns out to be quite promising because you can do your work from anywhere without having to go to the office.

Interestingly, you also don’t need to spend any capital to be able to do this work. You only need to work with an internet connection and a laptop to support your performance as an assistant. To get this job, you can search for it on Google or online job search platforms .

9. Selling NFT

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens , which are digital assets on the blockchain network that serve as proof of ownership of a work being traded. Each NFT has a different unique identification code and metadata so that one person will only have one NFT code.

Selling NFT is one of the new ways that many people are using to earn an income. The trick, you can register on an NFT marketplace , such as OpenSea, to then sell your digital assets.

10. Invest online

In addition to producing work and playing, you can also earn money from the internet by investing online . Currently, there are many investment applications that offer various types of investments for beginners. Starting from investing in stocks, bonds, to mutual funds.

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Through investment applications, you can also add knowledge and insight related to investment so that you are more reliable in calculating the right steps to get a profit.

The current digital era has changed the shopping habits of many people from conventional shopping to online shopping . You can use this trend to earn money by selling online .

In addition to being able to make transactions easily, you can also carry out practical marketing strategies so that you don’t have to spend too much money in doing business. You can choose the right way of selling online , starting from selling on e-commerce marketplaces , or social media.

12. Opening virtual coaching services

In addition to selling goods, you can also sell services and earn money from the internet that way. In addition to being a virtual assistant, you can also open virtual coaching services.

Virtual coaching itself is a coaching service that is carried out using technology so that you as a coach can provide training to coachees in different locations. However, you need to first see what kind of training you can do without face to face.

Those are a number of ways to get money from the internet that you can do right now. Which one is the most suitable?