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Best Site to Trade Options – Who does not know giant companies like Google and Facebook whose products we often use on a daily basis? Then the world’s tech giants like Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Netflix, and others?

Collecting stocks from multinational companies with strong fundamentals and attractive potential can be a step to diversify stock investments, as well as increase the potential for cash.

Buying stocks overseas is now much easier. With the advancement of technological development, it is enough with a smartphone and its application, one can easily buy, own, and sell shares on foreign stock exchanges.


As when buying shares on the domestic stock exchange, there are several stages that must be passed by investors to be able to buy shares of foreign companies.

First of all, an investor must first open a stock account. For that, investors need to open a stock account with a global broker, broker or securities company.

Stock brokerage companies act as intermediaries between investors and the exchange where they transact both offline and online . To make it easier for investors to conduct stock buying and selling transactions, usually brokerage companies have stock trading applications that can be accessed from mobile devices or electronic devices.


In the process of opening a stock account, investors will be asked to fill out a complete personal data form. After that, data and account verification will usually be carried out by a securities company.

The second step after opening a stock account, investors need to deposit a certain amount of funds that will be used to buy shares. Usually every brokerage company will ask for a certain amount of funds as an initial deposit for transactions. However, the value varies depending on the selected brokerage company.

These funds can be deposited via bank transfer that is a partner of the broker. So it’s best to make sure first whether our bank account can be used at the same time to make transfers to the broker or not. However, even if our bank is unable to transfer to the preferred foreign stock broker, we can open a new account at the broker’s partner bank. After this step is completed, investors can immediately carry out stock trading activities in multinational companies.

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Tips For Choosing The Best Site to Trade Options

The first and basic thing we want when we want to buy stocks abroad is of course security and comfort. Therefore, it is very important to dig up information and understand the brokerage company that will be the place for us to open a stock account.

As with choosing a stock broker in the country, the selection of securities or a foreign stock broker must also be done carefully. There are 4 tips for choosing securities or stock brokers for the safety and convenience of investment activities, namely:

First, check the broker’s licensing.
Second, how many times have these securities been underwriters or underwriters of issuers listed on the stock exchange.
Third, take a good look at the official website of the stock broker. Find as much information as possible from the official website online.

Fourth, also check the provisions set by the securities company, including the initial capital, the amount of the transaction fee , the use of the application, and so on.

Recommended 4 best sites for trading options

To buy shares of foreign companies, you cannot go through a brokerage company in Indonesia, but must go through international securities. There are several overseas stock brokers that are quite popular among domestic investors.

Before opening an account and making transactions, investors need to study the policies and terms and conditions of each broker as well as their investment application, and make sure the selected brokerage company is licensed and safe.

The following is a summary of the list of brokers for transacting shares of global companies listed on foreign exchanges.

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1. eToro

The eToro application is used for investors who want to make stock transactions on the American exchange and in European countries. eToro is known to be the most friendly to retail investors, both from the country concerned and from abroad such as Indonesia.

The application that was born in 2007 based in the United Kingdom is already accessible in around 100 countries and has more than 17 million users.

In addition to trading stocks, the eToro application also provides features for trading Forex, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and others. There are more than 2,000 stocks that can be chosen by investors who transact through eToro.

The minimum capital deposit that investors need to provide for opening a stock account with eToro is US$200. This brokerage company charges a withdrawal fee of US$5 and an inactivity fee for accounts that do not trade for 12 months at US$10 per year. In addition, there is no transaction fee for buying or selling shares for long positions . The short selling fee is 0.18% of the transaction value.


2. TradeStation

This global security offers a number of activities ranging from trading crypto, stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, to buying IPO shares for investors from various countries, including Indonesia.

The minimum initial deposit set by TradeStation is US$2,000. However, investors will be charged 0 fees or free for transactions or trading. This fee-free stock transaction is set for the first 10,000 shares per transaction. Thereafter, US$0.005 per transaction will be charged for each additional share above the first 10,000 shares.

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3. Saxo Bank

Making investment transactions on some of the most crowded exchanges in the world, namely the United States, Europe, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore, can be accessed through this one broker. This stock brokerage company that was founded in 1992 offers various types of investments ranging from stocks, forex, commodities, bonds, and others through the online stock trading platform SaxoTraderPRO.

To open a stock account at Saxo Bank, the minimum deposit that investors need to enter is US$3,000. Custodian fees are set from 0.12% – 0.25% per annum, depending on the level of the member. Saxo Bank also sets a minimum monthly fee of 5 Euros.


4. Interactive Brokers

Like Saxo Bank, Interactive Brokers (IBKR) also provides access for investors to the most attractive exchanges in the world, namely in the US, China, Europe, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

This stock brokerage company provides buying and selling services for stocks, forex, bonds, ETFs, and so on in more than 220 regions. The market access offered reaches 135 markets and is spread in 33 countries. IBKR has also used 23 currencies.

To conduct transactions for multinational stocks through Interactive Brokers , investors need to deposit a minimum capital of US$10,000 or around Rp. 140 million. Transaction fees that make up less than 1% of the total trade value reach US$1. Then, the transaction fee for 1,000 shares is US$5. However, this fee is free for IBKR Lite clients.

If you want to close your account or make an account transfer, IBKR waives fees for investors. Likewise, inactive accounts will be charged free of charge.

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