Best App For Crypto Day Trading

Best App For Crypto Day Trading – Your average crypto day trading platform has improved significantly over the past couple of years. The list below contains some of the best day trading crypto and bitcoin exchanges in the world where complex order types, great charting, fast matching engines, high-quality risk management systems, and long lists of available coins are just some of the attributes you will find. Regulation among crypto exchanges for day trading has also been massively improved with Bityard, FTX.US, and PrimeXBT being under heavy surveillance by the watchdogs which creates an incredibly safe environment for active crypto day traders.

Should you not own cryptocurrencies at the moment you are more than welcome to use any of the fiat gateways that the platforms offer where you can make a deposit with your credit card or through bank transfers. All these operators also offer cryptocurrency wallets if you currently don’t have a safe place to store your future crypto winnings. Crypto margin trading exchanges are also popular platforms where day traders use borrowed capital to increase their day trade winnings.

This list contains the best crypto exchange for day trading in 2022:

  1. Bityard – Best overall and regulated in the USA
  2. FTX.US – Customisable interface and mobile app
  3. PrimeXBT – Lowest fees + multicharts
  4. Binance – Most altcoins listed and extra features
  5. – Offers options and futures trading
  6. Coinrule – Automated crypto trading bot
  7. StormGain – Best for signals and 0% commission
  8. TradeSanta – Day trade bots on multiple exchanges
  9. ByBit – Great derivatives and copy trading
  10. Phemex – Demo trade through the mobile app

If you are curious about a specific operator and want to make a deeper analysis of the platform, use the comparison table below to get a good overview of the main features, available fiat currencies, languages, restricted countries, all products, mobile availability, max leverage, support channels and much more.

Best Crypto Exchanges For Day Trading

1. Bityard – Best crypto exchange for day trading

bityard home page

Known as a market leader and well-known as the best crypto exchange for day trading derivatives contracts, BitYard operates under the principle of “complicated contracts simple trading.” It is basically a user-friendly cryptocurrency trading platform that enables traders to engage in both spot and CFD trading. By providing a variety of trading tools for their usage, it seeks to make the complicated trading experience for its consumers simpler. When a trade position opens, BitYard charges one-time transaction fees ranging from 0.075 % to 0.05 %. Additionally, the award reduces by an additional 10% of theirs. This operator also provides a crypto exchange with stop loss for those who want to truly protect their downside.

It is a trustworthy and secure day trading crypto platform with an intuitive user interface. This exchange platform provides the necessary tools for both novice and experienced traders to boost their trading activities and increase their profitability It has created a solid offering in the cryptocurrency trading space with its contracts trading exchange.

With its headquarters in Singapore, BitYard provides simple, quick, and secure bitcoin asset trading services to more than 150 nations. The MTR of Estonia for the European Union, the Singaporean Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), and the American Money Services Businesses all oversee BitYard Broker.

Furthermore, it is a reputable, safe, and secure online trading platform that holds four licenses. The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network’s AUSTRAC of Australia, ACRA of Singapore, MTR of Estonia, and MSB of the United States have granted licenses and regulations to this trading exchange platform. Therefore, it is best suitable for people that want to have the most well-regulated and secure legal trading with simpler controls.

2. FTX.US – Best US crypto exchange for day trading

FTX.US home page

The rapidly expanding cryptocurrency exchange FTX provides sophisticated trading alternatives like futures trading and leverage trading. Residents of the United States only have a limited amount of access to FTXbecause of the country’s severe rules in the crypto realm. The exchange has a partner in the United States called FTX.US, but it offers fewer offerings than the international platform. Furthermore, in comparison to certain competitors, it also supports a very big number of cryptocurrencies—more than 300.

The FTX.US leadership team is because of previous workers from tech and financial firms, and the company enjoys being founded by and for crypto enthusiasts. You can maintain all of your investments in one place with its excellent assortment of NFTs and equities, which are offered together with crypto and fiat trading pairings.

Every cryptocurrency exchange should prioritize security, and FTX.US obviously does. It has a specially designed hot and cold wallet for holding customer cryptocurrency funds. You can also trade stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on this exchange through FTX Stocks. The USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin can be used to fund your account, and best of all, there are no fees. It also uses the same FTX.US interface. Additionally, it offers informative blog posts. The Swift trading platform has a feature called Demo account that enables you to try trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without taking any financial risks.

The relatively low trading fees on FTX.US are one of its key attractions. The largest fee amount charged by the exchange is 0.20%, and it is dependent on your trading volume. You can save money by trading on FTX.US because those rates are generally better than those charged by many of the best cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Bahamas-based cryptocurrency exchange FTX entered the market in 2019 with the intention of dominating the global token trading market. However, the American business was established in 2020 and is headquartered in San Francisco.

Last but not the least, users who meet the requirements and have at least $100,000 on FTX.US can activate crypto margin trading for US traders. You can access up to ten times more leverage as a result. Margin trading is not advisable for novices because it is a high-risk approach that exposes your account to the chance of liquidation.

You can visit FTX US, which holds the Money Transmitter and Money Service Business if you’re seeking a US platform. Users can choose from a selection of trading instruments on the primary FTX interface. They can even trade equities, foreign exchange, and conventional markets. You can use FTX Pay to accept payments in fiat or cryptocurrency as needed.

3. PrimeXBT – Best day trading platform for bitcoin

PrimeXBT home page

For experienced users that are seeking cutting-edge features and chances intended to boost profitability, this day trading crypto platform is an excellent choice. The opportunity to imitate the deals of seasoned traders will appeal to new users. Users can take advantage of the expert platform, immediate order execution, affordable costs, and helpful 24/7 assistance. All these features will be at your fingertips just by opening a free account. The sign-up process is relatively simple and it only takes around a few minutes to complete the sign-up process.

The minimal deposit amount for PrimeXBT is just 0.001 BTC, which is currently worth roughly $65 at the time of writing. It offers a leverage of up to 1:100 and the flexibility to trade long or short. PrimeXBT also distinguishes itself in a number of ways from its competitors. The most highlighted distinguishable feature is its extremely user-friendly interface that supports multiple monitors and is completely customizable. Furthermore, the trading platform is a top-tier choice because it is secure, dependable, and quick.

In comparison to other day trading crypto platforms, the PrimeXBT trading charge is relatively lower Although PrimeXBT is unquestionably among the top trading platforms available today, it cannot be used in a number of important nations, including the US. This restriction is one of the main drawbacks of this website.

It is basically best suited for people who want to trade on the cryptocurrency, commodities, indices, and forex markets by spending less money on charges and fees. Furthermore, there are more than 70 asset pairings available to investors. Seychelles is the main hub of PrimeXBT, which was established in 2018. It basically facilitates the trading of the top-performing cryptocurrencies by market cap.

PrimeXBT is a powerful trading and charting program. It provides 100x leverage transactions for numerous asset classes, including cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, it is a reliable trading platform that offers a hassle-free experience to both inexperienced and experienced traders. As we all know that digital currency is one the most important factors in the success of a trading platform. Therefore, PrimeXBT boasts a number of advanced digital currencies that can be used on this platform. You can use a bank transfer or a VISA/Mastercard to purchase Bitcoin, Ether, and other popular digital currencies among these.

Furthermore, PrimeXBT is a day trading crypto platform that is laced with an extensive cyber-security framework to ensure customer assets are always protected. The PrimeXBT trading engine has been designed to meet the highest online-trading industry standards. It is basically a one-stop shopping trading platform.

4. Binance – Biggest day trading crypto platform

A separate exchange called Binance.US was founded by Binance and other investors. It is made to comply with all applicable US laws and is registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of the United States. Furthermore, it is a great day trading crypto platform with cheap fees, a variety of token alternatives, and an easy-to-use UI. Your real cost amount will depend on the size of the trade because Binance charges 0.10% for trading on the platform and 0.50% for instant buy/sell. Therefore, the cost increases with the size of the transaction.

Binance offers several wonderful features that are quick, easy, and simple. P2P is the feature of the application that is most useful. It has amassed a huge army of loyal fans because it allows them the ability to trade their coin whenever they choose. In order to protect user accounts, Binance uses a secure security measure of two-factor authentication (2FA). Additionally, it provides the best free academy available where you may learn how to trade for free. Being a regulation platform boosts everyone’s trust in most countries in the world.

The data controller for personal information gathered in connection with the supply of Binance services is Binance Services Holdings Limited. It is hailing from South Bank House, 6th Floor, Barrow Street, 4 Dublin, Ireland. The minimum purchase amount is $10, but on other platforms, you may buy for one dollar. There is a large commission for card deposits. Furthermore, it provides the best free academy on the market where you may study trading without spending any money. Compared to several other exchanges, Binance.US has the lowest fees, which is its main selling point.

5. – Crypto exchange for futures and options

One of the most reliable crypto exchanges for day trading is Even though it doesn’t score as highly as those already well-known, contains everything a trader in the cryptocurrency business would need. It’s interesting that it benefits both novice and seasoned traders. It basically contains all the functions which are essential for trading. provides crypto exchanges for day trading cryptocurrencies like exact BTC, BCH, and ETH options. You will be trading with up to 10x leverage on have the finest user interface and quick response time. It basically charges takers a 0.07 % fee and manufacturers a 0.02 % cost. For perpetual futures, the maker charge is 0.01 %, and the taker cost is 0.05 %. In further options of contracts, the taker fee is 0.03 % and the maker cost is 0.02 %, while the quarterly futures fee is 0.05 % for takers and 0.01 % for makers.

Numerous indications, good customer service, and many other characteristics are the reason that is considered a top-tier trading platform. You will also be able to access the daily check-in option that rewards free Bitcoin. Furthermore, it provides institutional-grade protection, giving you confidence that your money is safe there. is a cryptocurrency exchange that comes from Singapore-based Matrixport. It is an integrated financial service company. To offer an improved user experience, was created with institutional-grade security and risk management capabilities.

Even though it doesn’t score as highly as those already well-known, contains everything a trader in the cryptocurrency business would need. It’s interesting that it benefits everyone. The greatest trading platform is because it contains all the functions needed for trading. Numerous signs, including good customer service, are present.

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Users don’t have to deal with the trouble of transferring money between various accounts or trading cryptocurrency back and forth to trade different instruments thanks to’s single account.’s main aim was to provide the finest trading experience possible by utilizing best-in-class liquidity. These features include top security and risk management measures.

6. Coinrule – Best bot day trading platform


For cryptocurrency traders who just lack the time or energy to create and implement strategies, Coinrule is the best platform for them. It’s a good method to continue trading actively without having to spend all of your time on it because the service will put your plan into action for you. is a legitimate, risk-free website that is not a fraud. Furthermore, it is a user-friendly and safe tool, to send automated trading instructions to your favorite exchanges, such as Binance, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, etc.

The support staff at Coinrule is dependable and always willing to assist. You just have to sign up for a free account and you’ll be good to go. Furthermore, it is quite easy to use. Without having any coding skills, you can pre-plan your trades utilizing a variety of performance indicators.

More than 10 cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance, Coinbase Pro (GDAX), Kraken, Bitstamp, Bittrex, OKEx, and Poloniex are supported by Coinrule. Even though all trading platforms take some getting accustomed to and learning, Coinrule was created with less technical traders in mind, Without having to gaze at their computers all the time, it makes it easier for traders to stick to a cryptocurrency plan. Contrary to many ai crypto trading bots, using It won’t require any programming knowledge on your part.

Whether users want to select from 150+ trading templates or already know what trading methods they want to utilize, Coinrule offers a wide choice of tools including a crypto wallet. Their goal is to enable everyone to compete with expert algorithmic traders and hedge funds. It intends to serve both novices and pros. They are able to accomplish this by emphasizing product usability in the form of a straightforward user interface and step-by-step strategy building without the use of technical terms, allowing both professionals and beginners to create their strategies in any way they see fit. Instead of writing their own rules, the user has the option just to use a template.

Oleg Giberstein and Gabriele Musella (CEO) co-founded Coinrule in December 2017. (COO). Zdenk Höfler, the creator of UKey1, later joined the two (CTO). That has been a really positive move for Many of the company’s current employees are present in the UK.

In terms of security precautions, Coinrule is quite transparent. High-security methods here encrypt all user API keys. Additionally, even if the data was compromised, it would not be possible to withdraw funds from the exchange using the API credentials that link your Coinrule account to your exchange account. Therefore, by automating investments across many platforms with Coinrule, retail investor can safeguard their funds.

7. StormGain – Best 0% fee platform

StormGain home page

With StormGain, you may trade in a brand-new, entertaining way. In order to provide a cutting-edge platform for trading cryptocurrency futures contracts, the exchange has combined the greatest aspects of the financial and cryptocurrency markets. It’s one of the newest sites for trading cryptocurrencies, and its marketing tactics have recently been extremely aggressive.

The Seychelles-based platform’s headquarters have only been operational since 2019 at the latest. Leveraged margin trading crypto is where the exchange primarily focuses its attention. With a multiplier, you can predict a price fall or increase by going short or long. Among all the operators listed, this is one of the best exchanges to short crypto due to its ease of use. Dozens of currencies are available for trading against USDT. It provides the best cryptocurrency to day trade for every individual according to their attitude. Another option is to just purchase and hold cryptocurrencies.

The platform can be accessed through a browser, but there is also an iOS and Android app accessible. You can trade from anywhere at any time just by connecting with the internet. The organization that created Libertex is also the one that created Stormgain. Libertex, which started out as a CFD platform, now focuses on equities, commodities, and cryptocurrencies as well.

Mining is the main free way to make money from Stormgain. The benefit of mining in Stormgain is that you don’t need to buy any specialized equipment to perform it. To begin mining, all you actually need to do is join up on the website and press the “Activate” button. Opening an account is pretty simple. It only takes a phone number, email address, and password to create an account. Although KYC is more and more popular these days, Stormgain does not need it. It is one of few crypto exchanges without KYC. You must acknowledge that you do not reside in the United States and accept the terms and conditions.

Participating in Stormgain’s referral program is another option to earn money from them. This chance will be extremely recognizable to you if you are a member of Get-Paid-To or even survey sites because this can typically be found on these sites. Users can also follow a number of StormGain’s advice to keep their cryptocurrency assets secure on the exchange. Utilizing a strong password, turning on two-factor authentication, and setting up a separate email account are some of the precautions.

Furthermore, for traders to evaluate the price charts, StormGain provides an excellent user experience that incorporates a strong and straightforward cryptocurrency trading platform. A full-screen mode, indicators, and cryptocurrency trading software are all included in the charting system. Every trader will find the beautiful and responsive user interface of StormGain to be simple to use.

8. TradeSanta – Best trading signals crypto platform


With the use of customizable bots, TradeSanta, a cryptocurrency trading platform, aims to make cryptocurrency trading simpler for users so they can benefit from automated trading without having to through the difficult learning curve associated with trying to create bots from scratch. You should think about using it if you intend to trade frequently. TradeSanta is simple to use, has a ton to offer, and, most importantly, with its efficient crypto market management, it can and does make you money.

Up to two bots are available with TradeSanta’s free plan. These bots also offer general assistance, Telegram notifications, the option to work with any quantity of exchange-listed pairs, and the opportunity to use any of the offered strategies. You may deploy automatic trading bots using both a short- and long-term approach simultaneously thanks to TradeSanta. The bitcoin bots from TradeSanta will follow the price in whichever direction it goes. This bot will always join the market at the right time according to TradeSanta’s technical indicators.

Based on the specific parameters you choose, the cloud-based platform establishes a connection to your exchange and places orders on your behalf. As a result, automated trading is as easy as a few clicks, and you can use the mobile app to check in or make changes whenever you want, from anywhere you are.

Despite offering unlimited trading volume and an infinite number of trading pairs, the Basic plan has a ceiling on the number of bots at 49. All tactics, Telegram notifications, and general customer support are available. Just $14 each month. The Advanced plan includes all of the features of the Basic plan with the addition of Trailing Take Profit, TradingView signals, and updated statistics for up to 99 bots. The monthly fee for this plan is $20

Furthermore, TradeSanta adheres carefully to industry norms in terms of security and safety. Like other crypto trading bots, it makes its trades through API rather than directly. This means that TradeSanta never interacts directly with your money; instead, it asks for your express consent, protecting your safety and privacy.

It also supports 2FA as an additional security measure. You can be confident that it’s nearly hard for someone to force their way into your crypto account because multiple verification procedures are necessary for you to link your device to your finds via passwords.

9. ByBit – Best derivatives crypto exchange


It is an excellent site for seasoned cryptocurrency traders looking for an exchange with more advanced capabilities. Bybit has set out on a mission to create a cutting-edge financial ecosystem that would be supported by cutting-edge blockchain technology. With retail or business clients, and more than 1.6 million users worldwide, continues to be customer-focused and works to deliver the finest user experience.

There are many user-friendly exchanges with straightforward interfaces available right now to help new investors get started in the cryptocurrency market, but such are typically not suitable for serious traders. aims to improve your cryptocurrency trading skills.

It provides futures trading and margin trading with 100x leverage. Users of Bybit can leverage their money 50 times for other currencies. It is a major marketplace for crypto derivatives. As a result, the exchange fee for each trade is never greater than 0.5 %. It is opposed to charging takers a cost of 0.075%, Instead, it offers a creator fee (rebate) of 0.025%.

Bybit asserts that it can process 100,000 transactions per second. This is substantially more quickly than its rivals. It makes every effort to prevent any server downtime, which is a problem that some exchanges encounter anytime a shift in the market encourages many individuals to trade at once. Furthermore, most traders like its charting tools since they have a lot of functionality and supplementary features.

It employs two really distinctive features. A perpetual futures contract and The Dual Price Mechanism are these features. Contrary to spot and futures trade contracts, a perpetual futures contract is a derivative that never expires. It aids in maximizing business prospects. When Bybit integrates with the MetaTrader 4 foreign exchange platform, it intends to include quarterly futures contracts and subaccounts. The Dual Pricing Mechanism shields investors from price or trade manipulation, which can cause dealers to liquidate their positions at prices below or above market value, resulting in significant losses.

A new day trader can practice using Bybit’s platform without risking any real money by using the testnet site. It’s a good approach to know these occasionally challenging tools if you’re new to derivatives. Given how risky leveraged trading may be, it makes sense to build confidence in a test environment before putting your hard-earned money at risk. If you decide to engage in real trading, start out slowly and make sure you know how to reduce risk.

10. Phemex – Best for beginners


Numerous websites have started operating in the same industry as cryptocurrency is currently emerging as a major financial arena. Among these, the Phemex trading platform stands out as one of the most reliable and convenient places where consumers may turn their cryptocurrency fortune into income. Phemex was the result of its founders’ observations of a lack of professionalism, credibility, and client service in the cryptocurrency trade. It is hailing from Singapore.

This platform enables quick and simple cryptocurrency purchases. On Phemex, there are no drawn-out procedures, requirements, or waiting periods while purchasing bitcoins. You can be a proud owner of your cryptocurrency in a matter of minutes. People from all over the world can try crypto day trading here.

It takes credit card deposits and provides leverage trading up to 100 times your initial investment. Phemex offers options to earn income in addition to providing premium users with free real-time transactions. It is a robust platform with a variety of trading features, including trading competitions for premium users and 0% transaction fees for premium members. However, Phemex charges a 0.075% taker fee and a -0.025% maker cost when it comes to trading fees. Phemex’s straightforward cost structure and affordable prices continue to astound everyone around the globe. Furthermore, you can buy, sell, & earn tons of cryptocurrencies available at Phemex including Bitcoin, Ether, & Altcoin.

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Today’s traders and investors favor variety, security, simplicity, and prospects for growth, learning, and financial gain. Phemex goes above and beyond in every regard and provides the best services possible for investors and traders. Despite having not a huge selection of cryptocurrencies, they make up for it by incorporating the spot, margin, and contractual trading markets. Of course, the inclusion of one-click cryptocurrency purchasing makes investing with Phemex simple.

What is day trading crypto?

This is a short-term investment strategy that involves entering and exiting the crypto market within the same trading day. Day traders will purchase and sell crypto assets on the same trading day taking advantage of the coin’s price volatility. A while back, day trading or intraday trading was reserved for huge financial institutions and brokerages but with automated trading, there is a rise in retail investors.

A cryptocurrency day trader does not aim to probably hit the jackpot but only takes advantage of small price fluctuations during the day. Based on skill and sometimes luck, day traders can make large gains in a single trading day.

Cryptocurrencies are some of the most volatile assets in the market making their price changes unpredictable. For instance, in the crypto market, it’s common to see price jumps of even 10%. For skilled traders who have a trading strategy, this can be a lucrative and profitable venture.

However, having the right skill set in analyzing trends and mastery of several trading strategies is what will set you apart as a cryptocurrency day trader. Dive deeper into the world of crypto day trading, its risks, profitability, and strategies by reading this article.

How to get started with day trading crypto

Trading in cryptocurrencies requires a trader to learn the ins and out of the market. Before starting, it is worth noting that, unlike stock markets, crypto markets never close. Also, as a retail investor, you are not required to subscribe to any brokerage. For beginners, here is a guide on how to get started.

Choose a crypto day trading platform

Deciding on what platform to use is the first step when you enter crypto day trading. For starters opt for domestically regulated platforms. In most trading platforms, the sign-up process is straightforward. After registration, you will then link your account to a bank account and then begin trading.

Today, there is a significant number of trading platforms and that could be overwhelming for beginners. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a platform as a retail investor;

  • The number of cryptocurrencies available: Find out beforehand the type of cryptocurrencies supported by the trading platform. For altcoin-day traders, smaller exchange platforms are better.
  • Transaction fees: Crypto platforms monetize their business through transaction fees. Choose your platform depending on the fee structure. Moreover, be on the lookout for platforms that incentivize large trades or charge no fees for trades below a certain amount.
  • Diverse deposit methods: Opt for a crypto platform that offers your preferred deposit method for funding your account.
  • Liquidity: The ease with which tokens can be swapped for other tokens or fiat currencies is an important consideration. A good platform should be highly liquid hence no limitations when trading. Liquidity is affected by several internal factors.
  • High security: A reliable exchange platform should offer security through the best security practices and maintain an insurance policy for online assets.
  • Availability of a mobile app: The use of a mobile phone to access an exchange platform helps you stay on top of the markets.

Decide on your investments

Once you have decided on your preferred trading platform, it is now time to choose what coins you are going to invest in. As a general rule, invest in the top 20 coins by market cap. In addition to market capitalization, consider the

  • Trading volume
  • Asset liquidity
  • Volatility.

While volatility is one of the factors that scares most long-term traders, for crypto day traders this is a necessity. As a trader, you’ll need to understand and account for any crypto assets you need to invest in. Any price movement in crypto assets could either result in significant losses or profits. Altcoins with smaller market cap has high volatility compared to well-established cryptocurrencies.

When it comes to asset liquidity, the ease to convert crypto coins to cash provides traders with ease to enter and exit the market at any time. Coins with high liquidity are not prone to large swings in prices. Liquidity is affected by factors such as trading volume, usability, and regulation.

Finally, trading volumes are a measure of the overall interest of a cryptocurrency in the market. Trading volumes show the overall number of coins traded over a certain period. Coins with high trading volumes also have high liquidity. When trading cryptocurrencies, the trading volumes will dictate whether they can be sold faster and at a higher price.

Choose a trading strategy

Like any form of trading, you will need a winning plan. As a crypto trader, your winning plan should be backed by research in order to understand when to enter and exit the market. Some websites will allow you to copy and learn from the most successful traders on the platform

There are several techniques used by traders to make short-term gains in the market. Below is a list of trading strategies. An in-depth explanation will be given later in the article.

  • Arbitrage
  • Scalping
  • High-frequency trading
  • New-based trading
  • Technical analysis

How much capital do you need to start?

The golden rule is to never invest more than you can afford to lose whenever you plan to dip your feet in any investment and crypto day trading is no different. The crypto market is prone to volatility, meaning you could incur heavy losses as well when the value drops. That said, to start trading in cryptocurrencies your capital could range from hundreds of dollars to thousands. Crypto platforms allow traders to start with as little as $5 to $20. But for any tangible profit, this amount has to be increased. The most trusted bitcoin investment sites offer down payments as low as $20 with through bank card deposits or bank transfers.

For beginners, it’s advisable to start small and take a slow pace while learning the ins and outs of the market. In addition, huge amounts could give false safety.

Nonetheless, what set aside any trader is how they manage their funds. The key goal is to always protect capital at all times. Small losses can easily eat into an entire investment.

How to use a day trading crypto platform

A crypto day trading platform offers traders trading, listing, and payment services. Generally, on most platforms traders will be required to complete a KYC application form. Once that is completed you can now gain access to your account, fund it and begin trading. With your account, you can create different order types to purchase, sell, and speculate in the crypto market.

In most cases, trading is offered around the clock for 7 days a week. The exchange platform will have a list of order types from other crypto users who are looking to sell or buy. These orders have prices ranging from the best offers to high offers.

When you buy cryptocurrencies in a day trading crypto platform, there are two options when it comes to storage. As a trader, you can opt to store it in a built-in hot wallet or an external wallet.
To invest in bitcoin for a low price tag, please read Cheapest way to buy bitcoin

In terms of trading, there are two ways you can trade crypto. Buying the crypto coins or making price predictions using CFDs. The first method involves buying a portion of a crypto coin, storing it in a hot wallet, and waiting for prices to rise.

The second method involves speculating on the price rather than taking ownership of the cryptocurrency. With this route, you will open a position and agree to exchange the difference in price when you close it.

For newbies in crypto trading, exchange platforms will allow you to trade on a demo account. This is an account with a similar layout to an actual exchange platform that lets you trade with virtual funds and simulates real market conditions.

Crypto exchange fees

A crypto exchange for day trading will charge two types of fees: trading fees and network fees. For trading fees, traders have to pay fees to access services such as trading, deposits, withdrawals, and loans.

A network fee on the other hand will be paid for resources needed to validate a transaction on a public blockchain. Cryptocurrencies are not centralized but are hosted on different computers all over the world.

Day trading crypto strategies

An effective trading strategy is a winning plan to benefit from the volatile crypto market. The type of technique to use depends on your personality, availability of capital, risk tolerance, and current market. For this reason, different traders will experience different success rates from the same trading technique.

As a novice trader, learning different strategies will help you build a trading strategy, explore other techniques, or improve on your current trading technique. Here is an analysis of several trading techniques used by day traders.

Scalping strategy

This strategy is based on placing short-term trades and leveraging on small price movements. For this strategy, a trader will buy and sell Bitcoins or Altcoins over a short period cashing out small amounts in gains.

Scalpers operate on a risk and reward ratio of 1/1 therefore rarely making any huge gains. Nonetheless, for this strategy traders depend on small gains to amount to significant profits at the end of the day. A clear exit strategy is needed lest accumulated small wins could amount to losses.

Pros of scalping strategy

  • No risk of overnight losses since positions are opened and closed within a short time.
  • Offers an opportunity to open different trading positions.


  • Presents traders with a very tense trading environment as they have to monitor any small movements.
  • Requires huge capital investments, yet gains are very small.
  • Requires discipline with an exit plan in place.

Arbitrage strategy

As a day trading technique, an arbitrage involves buying crypto coins on one trading platform and selling it at a higher price on another platform. Traders take advantage of the price disparity in different platforms to make gains. The difference between the buying price and the selling price of the crypto coins is called a spread.

To use this strategy, a trader must have accounts on different day trading platforms that have significant differences. In the crypto market, the disparity in prices across different platforms is not uncommon since they are unregulated. Like scalping, arbitrage tends to bring in small gains, therefore, requiring traders to make large orders for significant profits.

Pros of arbitrage strategy

  • Low-risk profit strategy
  • Can be managed by automated systems
  • Offers swift trades


  • Not profitable in stable markets

News-based trading

For this strategy, predictions are based on the latest information on cryptocurrencies from different sources. Predictions are based on human reactions, therefore, giving traders a basis to predict whether demand will fall or rise.

Information sources can range from mainstream media to social media outlets. Platforms such as Twitter are a reliable source as positive tweets point to an increase in demand while negative tweets could mean falling demand.

With cryptocurrencies being volatile, news releases dictate market reactions and asset prices. To successfully executed news-based trading, traders have to treat each piece of news release as a single entity. Moreover, a plan is needed to follow up on each new release made.

Technical analysis

The study of historical data is the basis of current market predictions on prices using the technical analysis strategy. Using historical market data, traders can make statistical analyses of future revenue or losses. For day traders especially short-term trading patterns and past trends come in handy when making decisions on when to enter and exit the crypto market.

TA as a strategy is conflicted by some traders who feel that the lack of government regulations makes any historical data irrelevant. However, some argue that indicators such as the relative strength index (RSI) that analyses the relationships between the price of a digital asset and its demand are crucial. Such an indicator helps traders understand when to buy or sell their coins.

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High-frequency trading(HFT)

Traders who use HFT depend on algorithms and trading bots to enter and exit the market in a short span of time. Since price fluctuations take place by the second, HFT traders have the power to take advantage of any movements and act within seconds. In addition to swift trades, these sophisticated systems monitor cryptocurrencies across different platforms analyzing price changes and market trends.

Best cryptocurrency to day trade

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies available in the market. While some top the list when it comes to making any crypto investments, some are still struggling and are lesser known. Here is a list of the best cryptocurrency to day trade. The list is based on:

  • Massive liquidity
  • Great potential
  • Easy fundamentals to make predictions
  • Market capitalization
  • Trading volumes


As the pioneering digital currency, Bitcoin has continuously grown in market capitalization and value. Bitcoin continues to make a global appeal to the extent of it being adopted as legal tender in some countries.

Its massive capitalization makes it a highly liquid asset, therefore, making it ideal for day trading. In addition, Bitcoin is among coins that offer arbitrage opportunities.

Binance coin

Ranked as a top exchange token in the crypto world, Binance is ideal for day trading for several reasons. Firstly, the Binance coin was launched by Binance, one of the premier crypto exchange platforms. This means that any news related to the platform will likely affect the token. Any changes likely to happen will be easily predictable.

Secondly, BNB is among the top ten coins in terms of market capitalization. As such, it is accepted on most trading platforms. Lastly, the coin has been adopted as a payment method. On Binance, the token is used to make payments including fees.


With a billion-dollar market cap and second after Bitcoin, Ether is a coin that continues to fascinate investors. Ever since it was established the coin has made tremendous growth especially because it is tied to Ethereum. As a blockchain platform, Ethereum offers smart contracts making it stand out from Bitcoin.

Apart from its high trading volumes, Ether is constantly featured in several news sources, therefore, making it a highlighted crypto asset.


Known for executing transactions very fast, Solana is a suitable coin for day trading. For its blockchain technology, Solana operates similarly to Ethereum but solves scalability and speed. Also, Solana has been growing constantly since it was established. This has put some interest in the token among investors.


As an ambitious project whose sole purpose is creating decentralized finance, Tron has been putting in the latest advancements in the project. This has seen several people interested in the token hence creating a lot of news and interest around it.

Tron is also prone to volatility which is a good thing for day traders. Moreover, the platform has a value concept where each token traded is attached to a prize.

Should you not own any of these coins it is easy to acquire them, even for USD-based investors. Learn how to buy altcoins with USD and proceed to make a deposit on your chosen operator.

What are the risks and how to manage them?

In the crypto trading world, you can never win 100% of the time. In fact, there is a significant number of times when you will be subjected to losses. This is why as a trader, you will need to learn how to manage risks. The risks associated with crypto day trading include;

  • Legal risks
  • Liquidity risk
  • Exchange risks
  • Leverage risks
  • Custody risks

However, before you can even explore risk management tools, you will need to set your capital investment at an amount you can afford to lose. Apart from this, you will need to maintain a manageable level of debt and an emergency fund in place.

With this set, it is now time to mitigate losses by having your risk management tools in place. Risk management refers to having a system that effectively manages the risks per trade. Some risk management techniques and strategies include;

Lack of regulation

This may be an advantage as well as a disadvantage. On the positive side, lack of regulation allows traders to enter and exit the market at any time. Unlike other traditional markets that have specific opening and closing hours, the crypto market runs 24/7. This means prices are not dictated by closing hours. Moreover, as a trader, there is no limitation on how much you can invest. Also, unregulated platforms are prone to higher risk than regulated well-established operators.

Stop losses

This is a tool that helps you limit your losses in case a trade goes against you. As a risk management tool, stop losses work effectively helping you mitigate any major loss that could lead to further ruin. In crypto trading, trading bots come in handy when placing a stop loss order. Choose a crypto exchange with stop loss or trailing stop loss to be sure to protect your downside.

Position sizing

As a technique, position sizing helps traders manage their trading account balance. When using position sizing as a tool, traders can’t risk 100% of their trading account balance to eliminate the risk of running the account to zero in case a single trade goes wrong. For this strategy, a trader must calculate how much they are willing to lose per trade beforehand.

Risk/reward ratio

Understanding the ratio of risk to potential reward is a great place to start when making a decision on which trade to take. When a trader the returns they expect to make against the risks involved, then they will take trades that have a higher probability of profit-making. When a trade has a risk/reward ratio below 1:1(the breakeven point), then it will not be fruitful, and it’s not advised.

Diversifying investment portfolio

Allocating your investment to diverse trading opportunities is one way to reduce heavy losses by a single trading decision. In addition, the different trading opportunities present traders with a chance to secure small profit gains. This is because traders also diversify their trading strategies.

Diversifying an investment portfolio goes hand in hand with managing the portfolio. For instance, crypto exchange platforms have different cryptocurrencies available. These have different levels of volatility and are prone to different trends. Depending on your risk tolerance, as a trader, you can choose to have a riskier profile with more volatile assets or a moderate profile.

As per the movements experienced in the market, a trader can opt to rebalance in order to manage their risk. This is done by changing the asset portfolio to include some lower-risk crypto coins.

Day trading crypto indicators

Beyond employing different techniques, technical indicators are also essential in managing your portfolio. Using these indicators helps traders filter out and analyze trends in the market. These are all effective ways of making money after you have learned how to read crypto charts well.

Moving averages(MA)

This indicator provides traders with a reliable reference of what is happening in the overall market. Traders have a clear view of whether the market is trending or moving sideways. With this information, traders can then build a clear trading strategy from there.

Relative Strength Index(RSI)

RSI measures how extended a directional movement upwards or downwards is. With this indicator, a trader can identify at which position they are best suited to take profits and exit or make counter-trend trade.

Average True Range

ATR is used to measure the average range of prices hence helping in identifying different targets.

What are the benefits of day trading crypto?

As a lucrative venture, crypto day trading comes with several benefits.

Higher volatility = bigger returns

While long-term traders view volatility as a disadvantage, for day traders it is a necessary evil. Cryptocurrency day traders stand to make huge gains in case prices go over the roof within a single trading day. With markets open 24/7 and hundreds of traders investing every hour of the day, it is easy to have control over your digital assets.

Arbitrage opportunities

Despite prices on different exchange platforms being monitored to keep the prices stable, arbitrage opportunities are still available. Day trading using this mechanism enables traders to secure some swift and profitable trades.

The possibility of huge gains through leveraged contracts

Depending on the trading strategy and market trend, day trading products with leverage could present the perfect condition to make huge gains. These profits are swift and often not exposed to overnight risks since day traders have to exit the market on the same day. Borrowed money also increases the amount of money you make on your profitable trades.

Is it profitable?

Yes, day trading can be a lucrative and successful venture when the market conditions are in your favor. In addition, day trading offers a chance to make swift profits that are cashed on the same day.

Nonetheless, don’t let the crypto charts easily convince you that day trading can earn you huge and sudden profits. It is not as easy as it sounds. Often, traders are faced with the challenge of incurring constant net losses. Even with the risk management tools discussed, losses are almost certain when you get into day trading. The only guarantee you have is your losses will be mitigated.

As a novice trader who is new to day trading, here are some pitfalls you should avoid in order to succeed in the trade.

  • Not having a solid exit strategy when a trade is not moving as planned.
  • Overlooking trading volumes
  • Lack of automation to keep up to date with your markets
  • Using the wrong tools and strategies. Different tools and techniques require that the market dynamics are correlated.
  • Trading based on emotions and not on analysis.

Final thoughts

In this guide, we present the best day trading crypto platforms on the market in 2022. The Trading Browser team has reviewed many good and bad exchanges over the years and our list is based on several factors such as:

  • Fees
  • Features
  • Charting
  • Speed
  • Regulation
  • Security

We have also covered the basics of day-trading crypto, how it works, important strategies, and risk management systems that will greatly improve your results by reducing the overall risk.


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