International Lawyer Salary

Talking about lawyers’ income seems to be endless. As a profession that demands high time and ability to fulfill client requests, it is common knowledge that the fees received by lawyers are directly proportional to the pressure they get. Based on the results of a survey released by, lawyers even came out as the profession with the second highest salary in America this year.

Hoping not to lose the best potential and talent that may be obtained as office assets, law firms in America do not hesitate to compete to provide the greatest compensation for their lawyers. So, do not be surprised if recently there is a trend of salary increases in the middle of the year.

For information, some time ago one of the leading law firms in the United States, Cravath Swaine & Moore, announced an increase in the fee that will be received by its lawyer. Partner Cravath said that the increase would be effective from July 1, 2016. Just a few days later, ABAJournal noted that nine other firms had followed suit with the same salary standard.

RobertHalf, a job vacancy provider, annually releases a salary guidebook to help employers compete in their industry and work area. Through an e-book entitled 2016 Salary Guide, RobertHalf also presents the average salary of lawyers.

Divided by the size of a law firm, here is the average salary earned by US and Canadian lawyers:

+10 Years Experience United States (in US$) Canada (in US$)
Big law firm 194,250 – 279,500 206.750 – 298.750
Medium law firm 162,750 – 268,500 165,250 – 233,500
Medium law firm 139,500 – 193,750 139,750 – 203,250
Small law firm 108,250 – 169,750 115,250 – 166,500
4-9 Years Experience
Big law firm 162,250 – 228,750 143,000 – 259,250
Medium law firm 135,000 – 205,500 124.750 – 218.500
Medium law firm 102.750 – 175.750 97,500 – 170,500
Small law firm 81,000 – 138,500 80,250 – 137,000
1-3 Years Experience
Big law firm 120,750 – 162,250 97,750 – 130,250
Medium law firm 94,000 – 128,750 77,500 – 121,000
Medium law firm 71,500 – 109,000 75,000 – 109,250
Small law firm 61,750 – 93,500 58,250 – 88,750
0-1 Year Experience
Big law firm 116,000 – 143,500 87,250 – 99,750
Medium law firm 81,250 – 112,750 68,250 – 85,250
Medium law firm 63,750 – 90,250 67,750 – 74,500
Small law firm 55,250 – 79,500 51,500 – 69,750

Based on the table above, it is known that in general the salary received by United States lawyers is greater than the salary received by lawyers from countries located in the northernmost region of the Americas. The exception is only lawyers who have more than 10 years of experience. Canada values ​​senior lawyers with a higher number than the United States.

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In addition, as mentioned above, it is also important to know the salary trends by region, RobertHalf also displays the average salary of each state in the United States and Canada. For Canada, the area with the highest lawyer income is Toronto, Ontario. While in the United States is San Francisco, California with a figure of US $ 138 thousand per year.

The fact that it is not New York that provides the highest salaries for its lawyers is surprising. Because New York is known as the business center in America. In addition, giant law firms with worldwide operations such as DLA Piper, Jones Day, Dentons, Latham & Watkins, and White Case are headquartered there.

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