Car Insurance Tips for Women


Car Insurance Tips for Women

On average, female drivers pay less than men for their car insurance.

If you have heard that women usually enjoy cheaper car insurance quotes than men, you have heard correctly. There are numerous jokes about the poor driving skills of women, but statistics about women’s driving skills don’t lie. Women are statistically involved in fewer accidents, drive at slower speeds and drive less aggressively than men. Because of these factors, most women will qualify for better car insurance rates than most men. However, you may not want to rely on your gender alone to get the best rate on your car insurance. There are several tips that you can put to use when shopping for car insurance that can help you to avoid paying a higher premium than necessary.

The Best Rates for Women

While most insurance companies will extend better rates for female drivers than male drivers, some insurance companies are known to be extremely gracious to female drivers. With this in mind, you should do some research to locate the best car insurance rates for women. You can research which companies are known to be female-friendly, but also take time to compare rates offered to you specifically. While gender is an important factor that is used to calculate rates, it is only one of several factors that will determine your final rate. Other factors like the type of vehicle being insured, your age, where you live and more will also be analyzed. Shopping around can help you to find the best rates for you as an individual.

The Right Auto Insurance Coverage

Another factor to consider involves choosing the types of coverage and coverage limits that best meet your needs. There is no “one size fits all” coverage that is suitable for every driver. Factors like your personal savings level, the value of your assets, the value of your vehicle, your health insurance coverage and other factors will all play a role the amount and type of coverage that you should purchase. For example, comprehensive insurance is often suitable for those who drive a high-value car, but liability coverage may be better suited for a driver with a low-value car. Consider asking several different insurance agents for their advice and recommendations. Look for an agent who will respond with more than a generalization about what most drivers opt to buy and that provides you with personalized advice.

A Higher Deductible

As a final note, consider getting a quote for insurance with a higher deductible. With a higher deductible, you will pay more out-of-pocket if you have an accident and need to file a claim. However, you will enjoy regular savings on your premium. By ensuring that you have enough money in your savings account to pay the higher deductible if needed, you can comfortably enjoy the regular savings associated with a higher deductible.

These tips can help you to find the best rates on your cheap car insurance for women. While you want to shop around for rates today, also make an effort to shop for new rates every year or two to avoid paying a higher premium than necessary.