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Full Coverage Car Insurance

Full coverage includes liability, collision and comprehensive car insurance coverages.

For the majority of car owners, vehicle maintenance includes oil changes, the rotation of tires, and a general inspection once a year. If something goes wrong, it is fixed within a short time so the problem does not become much serious. However, there are many people who often fail to take care of their vehicle by making sure it is fully covered by insurance. The fact is that if you do not have full coverage car insurance, you and your vehicle are not fully protected.

Because liability insurance coverage is a requirement in every state, the majority of people simply choose this option when insuring their vehicles. Liability insurance will cover you if you are the cause of damage to another person’s property in an accident. This insurance coverage is going to protect other drivers, but is also protects you from having to pay out of your pocket for the damage you caused. However, this insurance will not cover the damage to your own vehicle.

Collision and accident insurance coverage

As part of a full coverage car insurance, collision and accident insurance coverage will be included. This particular coverage may be optional, but it is very beneficial to include on your policy. If you were to get in an accident and the cause was your own driving, this insurance would cover the damage to your own vehicle. Even if your vehicle was a total loss, you would receive payment for what your vehicle was valued at so that you could replace it.

Comprehensive insurance with full coverage policy

You would also have what is known as comprehensive insurance with a full coverage policy. This coverage will take care of any damage or loss that occurs to your vehicle that is not caused by an accident or collision. For example, if your vehicle is stolen and returned to you with damage, the damage will be covered under this type of insurance. If it is totaled when you hit a deer on the road, your loss will be covered.

be proactive in ensuring your vehicle is properly maintained

When you choose to have full coverage car insurance, you are being proactive in making certain your vehicle is taken care of properly. No matter what damage occurs to your vehicle, you can be certain that your policy will cover the costs for repairs. While you will have a deductible to pay each year, you can be guaranteed it will be a lot more affordable to pay than the full cost to repair or replace your car.

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