Car Accident Do you know 9 symptoms affect driving?

Car Accident: Did you know 9 symptoms affect driving? Driving alone should be avoided. What is the safest driver? See here.

car accident Many cases are caused by health problems of the driver. which affects driving performance It is a danger to yourself and road users. For the safety of you and your companions, there are 9 symptoms that affect driving. Driving alone should be avoided. Have a driver as safe as possible.


Eye symptoms 

Should avoid driving at night ... for those with macular degeneration will not clearly see the path at night People with glaucoma and cataracts have narrow vision. see traffic lights blurry



affect decision or dementia symptoms that are often found in the elderly can't remember route There may be problems driving astray. 

Pain in different areas

such as knee pain, unable to fully depress the brake/accelerator or deterioration of the neck bone, it is difficult to turn the neck and look at the traffic 📌 Avoid driving long distances. In the event of an accident there is a risk of serious injury.



Slower decision making, elderly and working age can be caused by nervous system often trembling while dormant When moving, the tremors subsided. If the symptoms are severe, they will cause hallucinations. can cause harm 


Diabetes (uncontrolled period)

decreased driving ability If the amount of blood sugar is low It will cause fainting, blurred vision, palpitations, and loss of consciousness. For those with mild symptoms, if they have to drive, should prepare candy, sugary drinks, and eat while driving to prevent hypoglycemia. 



caused by abnormalities in the electrical signal transmission in the brain If there is a stimulus such as stress, there may be spasms-twitching/unconsciousness. ️ lose the ability to control yourself for a while. You shouldn't drive. You should consult and get advice from a doctor.



which have to take certain drugs which results in drowsiness or drowsiness, dizziness, confusion when driving The response in driving is not as good as before. should avoid driving If there is a need to drive, consult a doctor.


Cerebrovascular disease

The sensitivity of the event response was decreased. No force to steer or change gears for safety You should consult a doctor and get symptomatic relief before returning to drive.


Heart disease

If you drive for a long time, stress from traffic jams Or there is a reason to panic at the situation in front of you!!️ It can cause chest tightness, chest pain, and a sudden heart attack. lead to serious accidents