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18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer San Antonio – We have all pushed past an 18-wheeler on the interstate and held our breath even as doing so. It’s because those massive trucks, additionally known as tractor trailers, are fantastically heavy, dangerous, and – let’s face it – scary. One incorrect move should bring about extreme harm, a lifetime of medical debt, or even potential disability. Unfortunately, that is the truth for lots Americans who bear the horror of trucking injuries. That’s why it’s vital to have competitive truck accident litigation from Janicek Law. Call a San Antonio 18 wheeler coincidence attorney nowadays at 210-366-4949 for a free session.

How Common Are 18 Wheeler Accidents in the U.S.?

According to information from the NSC, extra than 147,000 Americans suffered catastrophic injuries at the same time as 4,965 people died from semi-truck accidents in 2020.

Top 4 Reasons Why Semi Trucks Are More Dangerous Than Passenger Vehicles

18-wheelers are a lot more risky than regular vehicles. As a end result, a semi-truck crash is regularly lots more dangerous than a regular automobile twist of fate among or extra passenger automobiles. Below, our truck coincidence attorneys give an explanation for why.

1. Size

Commercial automobiles, specifically 18-wheelers, weigh tens of thousands of kilos — and that’s apart from the load in their shipment. It isn’t uncommon for big rigs to hold upwards of eighty,000 pounds of cargo. When a car this size collides with a passenger vehicle that weighs a fraction of a semi-truck, accidents are regularly catastrophic.

Additionally, the scale and weight of 18-wheelers could make it hard for truck drivers to forestall or slow down. In fact, it can take 18 wheelers the period of virtually 2 soccer fields to stop because of their weight.

2. Dangerous Cargo

As said formerly, 18-wheelers can carry hundreds of kilos of shipment. But they also deliver risky cargo such as heavy, sharp commercial device or dangerous chemical substances. Any motor car accident related to cargo like this is probably to result in serious accidents. All it takes is windshield penetration from a pointy object or device collapsing on top of a small car to bring about a wrongful death suit.

3. Blind Spots

All cars have blind spots. However, big rig blind spots are a lot more risky due to the fact they are placed now not best on each aspect of the truck but inside the front and really returned as nicely. More blind spots create a more chance of a truck motive force sideswiping a passenger car and inflicting a collision.

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4. Truck Driver Error

Many drivers frequently drive past the velocity restrict — however it’s normally due to the fact they’re running late for paintings or an appointment. Truck drivers, however, frequently speed because it impacts their backside line. In different phrases, many truck drivers are frequently paid by using the mile. The further they are able to journey inside the least amount of time equals extra cash.

As a end result, many truck drivers will do what it takes to get as many miles in as viable, even if it manner driving with little sleep or refusing to forestall to behavior vehicle upkeep for safety purposes. This behavior additionally contributes to the elevated capability for a trucking twist of fate.

Common Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents

Most semi-truck injuries occur due to:

  • Distracted Driving: The most common cause why drivers are distracted nowadays is due to mobile telephones. But different common distractions encompass ingesting whilst driving, messing with a GPS even as riding, dancing to loud track whilst using, and many others. All of those distractions can without problems result in tragic trucking injuries.
  • Fatigued Driving: It’s no mystery that huge rig drivers paintings lengthy hours. Driving all day every day is onerous. Unfortunately, this fatigue can cause deadly big truck injuries.
    Drunk Driving: Both truck and passenger drivers ought to effortlessly cause a semi-truck accident if both of them are intoxicated.
  • Inclement Weather Conditions: Heavy rain, snow, ice, or maybe fog can cause truck or vehicle accidents. Not simplest can terrible climate motive slippery roads, however it can additionally impair a driving force’s imaginative and prescient, inflicting them to collide with any other automobile.
    Poor Truck Maintenance can without problems cause system failure, including tire blowouts or brake malfunctions, on the roads.
  • Improperly Loaded Cargo: Because 18-wheelers carry heaps of kilos of shipment, it’s critical for it to be loaded well and effectively. If a truck is overloaded or if its shipment isn’t strapped down properly enough, it may fall off the truck and hit passenger automobiles at excessive speeds.
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Common 18 Wheeler Accident Injuries

Semi-truck coincidence sufferers can go through catastrophic injuries including:

  • Back and spinal cord injuries which can lead to paralysis
  • Neck injuries such as whiplash and vertebral fractures
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Amputations
  • Broken bones
  • Cuts, scrapes, bruises, and burns
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Major scarring and disfigurement
  • Psychological distress such as PTSD and increased daily anxiety
  • Wrongful death

How Are 18 Wheeler Accident Cases More Complicated Than Average Car Accident Cases?

Average car injuries can get complex at times depending on the severity of injuries, varying coverage guidelines, negligence, and greater. But 18 wheeler accidents are often much extra complicated due to the subsequent reasons.

Multiple Parties Involved

Semi-truck injuries are tons greater complicated than average vehicle injuries due to the fact there are such a lot of more events concerned. Not most effective are all drivers involved, but so are big trucking groups, truck proprietors, truck motive force employers, truck part producers, freight proprietors, and a lot extra. So if a driving force have been to sue a semi-truck motive force, they may have to sue all those different parties too.

Big Insurance Policies

Additionally, semi-truck accidents are often complex due to the fact all industrial trucks are sponsored by using huge coverage rules with policy limits which might be probably far more than yours. That’s because trucking organizations realize precisely how dangerous their big rigs are. Naturally, they’ll do everything they are able to to guard themselves in truck coincidence cases. If a negligent truck enterprise or motive force has to shift the blame to you, provide an exceptionally small agreement for your serious accidents, or maybe deny your truck twist of fate case altogether, they may do so.

Truck Wreck Evidence

Lastly, truck coincidence instances are plenty greater complex than normal vehicle crash instances due to the quantity of proof required for a a hit case. We all know that getting a police file and photographing the accident scene are critical pieces of proof. But what many don’t realise is that when you crash into an 18-wheeler, you furthermore may ought to acquire different evidence, which include:

  • Truck inspection records,
  • Maintenance information,
  • A drug screening from the large rig motive force,
  • Documentation of a truck motive force’s service hours,
  • The truck driving force’s education and qualification files,
  • Cargo weight tickets,
  • And a lot greater.
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That’s why you need an skilled truck twist of fate attorney from Janicek Law for your side. We have years of experience in effectively managing the hints that a trucking enterprise will attempt to tug on an injured sufferer. We realize how stressful it may be to get hold of the reimbursement you deserve from an coverage agency. Truck twist of fate attorneys at our regulation company will manage all the involved parties at the same time as you get over your personal harm.

Types of Damages for 18 Wheeler Accidents

A semi-truck coincidence lawyer at Janicek Law will let you recover truthful compensation for the damages indexed beneath.

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Past and future rehabilitative bills
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Emotional distress
  • Permanent scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of consortium

Texas Statute of Limitations for Semi-Truck Accidents

Semi-truck twist of fate sufferers have 2 years from the date in their coincidence to report a lawsuit in keeping with Texas regulation. This tight timeline encourages non-public injury sufferers to document a declare while their evidence (including police reports, witness statements, pics of the twist of fate scene, and so forth.) remains clean. Victims who wait longer than two years to file a lawsuit in opposition to an 18-wheeler driving force and the trucking organisation may additionally have their case brushed off altogether.

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