5 Tips to Buy Gold Jewelry for Investment So You Don’t Lose

Investing has become a necessity for most people. Among many investment instruments, gold is still one of the most in demand.

There are many reasons behind this, one of which is the level of risk of gold investment which is considered small and can still be controlled. The price of gold is fairly stable, and even tends to increase every year. This of course will make the potential profit even greater. 

In addition to gold bars , gold in the form of jewelry is also quite a choice. Not only is it easy to get, investing in gold jewelry like this does have its own advantages. 

But make sure you are always observant when buying gold jewelry like this. This is important, so that the investment made can run safely and profitably.

The following are some important tips to consider when investing in gold jewelry: 

1. Find the latest gold price information

As with other instruments, you also need to look at market conditions before deciding to invest. Although relatively stable, during this pandemic the price of gold also tends to fluctuate and take this into consideration. 

However, make sure to check the gold market price first, before deciding to make a purchase. 

Unlike gold bars, gold jewelry usually comes in various forms, some even with the addition of attractive stones. This causes the price is also very likely to vary, because jewelry like this usually costs a certain amount to make. 

You can check prices online and do comparisons, so you can get gold jewelry at the best prices on the market. 

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2. Don’t forget to check the rate

Gold jewelry consists of several choices of different grades, so the price will also be different. In the market, you can find gold jewelry ranging from 9 carat to 24 carat for the purest gold.

The price difference will also be very significant. The higher the level, the more expensive the price for each gram of this gold jewelry will be. Usually gold with a high grade will be softer, so it is only present in the form of simple jewelry. 

Before buying, make sure to also know the gold price for each of these levels, so you can plan your investment well. You also need to consider the resale price of the jewelry in the future. Gold with the highest grade will certainly have a better and more stable selling price, just like the selling price of gold bullion. 

3. Check the condition of gold in detail

What gold jewelery was purchased and in what condition? These two questions should be of particular concern when you are going to  buy gold in the form of jewelry like this. Gold shops may sell jewelry that has been bought back from previous buyers. 

There is always a chance that there will be blemishes or even stains on gold jewelry and you should pay attention to all of that. Make sure to check in detail on each gold jewelry that you are going to buy, so that later you will not experience a loss when you are going to resell it. 

4. Buy gold at a trusted and reputable shop

Avoid buying gold at any store, especially if you make purchases online. In addition to the quality of the gold jewelry itself, various other things should also be considered, such as sales discounts and others. 

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Do not let you be charged a large number of pieces when you are going to sell the gold. Or you’re having trouble selling them at other gold shops. For that, buy gold jewelry at a reputable and trustworthy store. 

5. Be careful with fake gold and gilding

Purchase gold carefully, because the risk of fraudulent fake or gilded gold will always exist. Don’t be fooled into buying gilded gold which only consists of gilded metal. Instead of profit, this condition will make you experience a lot of losses. 

Avoid offers of cheap and unreasonable gold prices, because this could be an indication of fake gold or even gold plated. After all, you certainly want to profit from jewelry investment, right?

Take Care of Gold Jewelery Assets 

For those of you who intend to invest in gold jewelry, don’t just consider buying it. But you also need to take care of the gold jewelry assets properly and appropriately. This is to avoid the occurrence of scratches, fractures or other things that make the value of gold decrease. Store jewelry assets in a box, and make sure you don’t mix jewelry so that the gold color is maintained. That way, the value of the investment can be profitable.

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