7 Giant Forex Traders in the world

For forex trading lovers , you may know this info very well, but for those who are new to forex trading , they will definitely wonder what is it? Forex trading is trading currencies from various countries. Forex has an abbreviation, namely foreign exchange or if we translate it into Indonesian it means currency exchange . If you control the forex market then you are an influential person in the world.

Previously, this forex could only be played by big banks, but now it can be done by anyone, even yourself. Talk about big banks. So who are the biggest traders in the market in the world?

1. Deutsche Bank AG

deutsche bank

deutsche bank

This German bank is able to control transactions of 19.26% of the market market. You can visit it at www.db.com. Deutsche bank has a very strong network in all forex markets. Usually, that area is an area that has the potential to grow well in the business world, including the Asia Pacific region. Do not miss other regions such as Europe and Latin America. Of course the main strength of Deutsche bank is in Germany because it is their home so don’t be surprised if the market in Europe is controlled by Deutsche bank.


ubs ag UBS AG

Many people glance at this UBS. UBS provides solutions to generate attractive profits for its clients. Established on December 31, 2008. UBS is headquartered in Switzerland. The country with the highest security level. So those who save in Switzerland don’t have to be afraid because your privacy is highly guarded, even if you are a criminal in your country. This UBS managed to control about 11.86% of the forex trading market . You can visit the UBS website at www.ubs.com. UBS also has offices in various countries.

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3.  Citigroup

citigroup logo Citigroup Logo

You can visit the company, which was founded in the United States in New York, at www.citigroup.com. This company managed to dominate the forex trading market by 10.39%. Established since April 7, 1998. Of course this company can be used as a reference for those who want to start learning forex trading .

4.  Barclays Capital

Barclays Capital Barclays Capital

The company, which was founded in 1997, has a homebase in Europe, to be precise in the United Kingdom. If you like watching football matches, you will be familiar with sponsors who use the word Barclays.

5. The Royal Bank Of Scotland

The Royal Bank of Scotland The Royal Bank of Scotland

Headquartered in Scotland as the name implies The Royal Bank Of Scotland. This old bank has been around since 1727. It’s quite old for a bank. This company controls at least 6.43% of the forex trading market. If you want to open The Royal Bank Of Scotland website then you can visit www.rbs.co.uk

6. Goldman Sachs

goldman sachs logo Goldman Sachs logo

This American-made bank was founded by Marcus Goldman. Goldman Sachs Bank has been established since 1869. This bank has a role in the forex trading market by 5.25% of transactions from the forex trading market. You can open a bank that has a homebase in New York City at www.goldmansachs.com


hsbc HSBC

HSBC Bank made by the UK has a homebase in London to be precise in the HSBC tower. This British-made bank has been around for a long time, namely from 1865 and has a role in the forex trading market of 5.04% in the world of forex trading . For those of you who want to see a further profile of this British bank, you can visit the HSBC Bank website at www.hsbc.com

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Know Not only the Benefits but also the Risks

If you want to wrestle in the world of the forex trading market, you must have mental steel and strong instincts. If the big banks above can dominate  the forex market , so can you. It should be noted that the big banks above the average are banks from Europe. So we can see that Europe dominates the forex trading market . Other banks from America and the UK are also taking part in the world forex trading market .

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