The Best Way to Find Investors to Aid Company Funding

Finding investors for a business is actually similar to finding a soul mate. There are many considerations that you need to do in order to find the right investor. Some investors sometimes provide many conditions to be run by the company being invested in.

On the other hand, you as a company owner also need to prepare before meeting investors. Give the best presentation to get a good assessment from potential investors. That way, your opportunity to get capital is quite open.

Investors like fresh ideas that can be sold to the wider community. Try to make innovations beyond the boundaries while looking at the opportunities that exist.

Where to Find Investors to Try

You can find investors in many places and many people. Well, here are some investors you can rely on to get capital:

1. Find investors from the family circle

The first person you need to meet to find venture capital is your immediate family. Family can even connect you with the right people out there. This connection might be able to help you in launching a startup company that will be built.

It’s good, you don’t use your family to provide 100 percent of funding. A quarter or a third of the capital still makes sense to ask for capital from the family. In addition, continue to provide contracts that are based on law.

This step makes you unable to think trivially about business funds obtained from the family. The financiers from family members still believe in you.

2. Find investors from close friends

In addition to family, you can also ask for additional capital from close friends. The cooperation that you can establish with your friends can be more than just investors and businessmen. Maybe you open up opportunities to build the business together.

Don’t forget, keep applying the official agreement that is based on law even if the person has known for a long time. You also have to convince a close friend of all the money he gives you.

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3. Find investors from rich people who own capital

You can also ask for funding assistance from those who are considered to have a lot of wealth. Call it those who have a lot of income and a lot of deposited funds. Give them a good and profitable offer so that they want to lend their funds as business capital.

4. Find investors from peer-to-peer lending

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is also a place where you can find sufficient business capital. This P2P lending is borrowing capital from a group of people for business people who are connected by a third party. Now there are many digital platforms that give you access to get capital from many people.

Getting capital from a P2P lending company is easier than from a bank. However, the return system is not very long. So, try to have a careful calculation before borrowing it.

5. Find investors through angel investors

Well, there is also a community of investors who often fund start-ups in Indonesia. One of them is the Angel Investment Network or commonly called ANGIN. You can submit a business proposal to this community. Make a good and neat proposal so that one of the investors glances at it.

If you pass the selection, you will get a very large amount of funding. In addition, these angel investors will encourage your company to continue to grow. The reason, they also have to benefit from this investment.

Tips for Finding Investors to Get Bigger Capital Opportunities

Of course, you can’t just come and ask for capital from potential investors. You need to get their attention first with a few things. Check out some tips when looking for investors to make it easier to get capital.

1. Make a mature business plan

Plunge yourself into a business, of course, you can’t play around. You have to be twice as serious, especially when your business is in the form of a start-up company. First, build a strong foundation for your startup.

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It is better to use the business capital you have at first. Look for additional capital if the startup you are doing wants to do business development.

2. Make an attractive business proposal

Long before looking for investors and meeting them, you need to make an attractive business proposal. Tell me everything about the company and the business you run. Don’t forget to showcase your product and marketing methods in the proposal.

You have to make this business proposal in many formats, both presentations, pdfs, to physical proposals. The reason is, it is not uncommon for potential investors to ask for proposals in various forms. For digital format, make sure you make it simple with lots of interesting animation additions.

3. Have good risk management

Investors like entrepreneurs who are ready to profit and ready to lose too. Therefore, you have to prepare a lot of plans in every step of the business. You need to allocate the right funds to benefit as well as a backup plan when things don’t go according to plan.

As much as possible do not hide the risks that can arise in a business trip. This is also their consideration for providing business capital. They will believe that when you can manage risk well, of course there will be multiple benefits.

4. Find investors by coming to start-up or business exhibitions

Both you and the business you are running, must be active to get funding. Nowadays, there are also many business and start-up exhibitions held online and offline. Well, you can attend as a participant or maybe a speaker.

The more active, the more open the potential to get investors. However, you need to open yourself up by getting acquainted and exchanging contact info.

5. Find investors by giving the best presentation

Take advantage of the presentation opportunity if you can get it. Make sure the presentation and delivery materials you provide are easily captured by potential investors. There’s nothing wrong, you practice before making a presentation.

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You can get this presentation opportunity at start-up events. You can also make a special appointment with potential investors, be it family, close friends, or those who are professionals.

Make sure you keep giving the best even if you are dealing with family. This also proves that you are serious about seeking additional funds.

6. Keep tidying up the company’s balance sheet

Maybe you haven’t been able to get a chance on the first try. Well, this is your chance to make a lot of changes in your business. Evaluate in many ways, for example creating a new marketing strategy or tidying up financial reports.

This will give a different color in the business. Well, this can open the eyes of other potential investors to glance at your business. Cleaning up in business will also be beneficial for the progress of your business.

Well, those are some tips for finding investors that you can do. Start preparing yourself and your business because you don’t know when the opportunity to get investors will come.

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