15 Ways to Earn $50 a Day Without Capital for Students

Currently, there are many young people or students who realize the importance of financial management from an early age. Therefore, many of them then find out how to easily earn daily income, sometimes even without the need for capital at all.

How to Earn $50 a Day

Well, if you are also a student who is looking for additional pocket money to save, see how to earn $50 a day without capital below.

1. Become a  Performer

Many young people today are using the show as a way to make money. So, not only expressing, showing something that you can also become a cash field.

Some types of  performers  that are quite sought after today include singers,  band  players, theater players,  stand up comedians,  and many more. But, keep in mind that to become a  performer,  you also need capital in the form of qualified abilities and high self-confidence.

If you are serious about pursuing one of the  skills  you have, it is not impossible if you can earn tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars per day.

2. Become a Property Agent

One of the businesses that never die is the property business. Well, those of you who want to get into this business can start by becoming a property agent. Besides being able to get promising benefits, being a property agent is also quite flexible so you can keep doing other jobs.

Property agents are commonly known as realtors or property brokers. This profession has a duty as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of property. In essence, a property agent is tasked with offering services to facilitate the process of buying and selling or renting property between the seller and the buyer.

Selling property is not easy. But, once you manage to sell a house, shop, or other property, you can earn up to hundreds of millions of rupiah!

3. Become a YouTuber

Almost everyone knows this one profession. Of course, anyone can do this work as long as they have interesting content and a good enough camera to record every activity that will be shown.

Initially, maybe you will only make this profession as a side job. But, now many people are getting their main income from this one social media channel.

If you are interested in using this way to earn $50 a day, then you need to prepare the content you want to show, how many times you will upload  videos in a week or month, and who your target audience is.

In addition to being able to earn income from YouTube, you also have the opportunity to earn income from  endorsements. With quality content, it is not impossible that many  brands  are willing to  endorse  on your YouTube channel.

4. Selling on the  Microstock Site

Those of you who have the ability in the field of art can use  these skills  to make money. The trick, you can make various types of designs, photography, videos, or melodies and then sell them on microstock  sites  like Shutterstock.

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After producing works in the form of photos, images, designs, or videos, you can directly register on the  microstock  site as a contributor. After that, you can sell all your works at a price depending on the quality and policies of each  microstock site.

5. Become a  Dropshipper

The next way to earn $50 a day without capital is to become a dropshipper,  which is a person who sells a product without having to stock or ship the item to a buyer. By becoming a  dropshipper,  it means that you are only in charge of selling an item or product with profits derived from the excess selling price.

On average,  dropshippers  earn between 10-30 percent of the selling price. However, the level of profit earned also depends on how much profit the  dropshipper wants.

If you want to be  a dropshipper  of an item with a profit of $ 10 per item, then you have to sell 5 items of goods in order to earn $ 50 in a day. How easy is it to be able to run this business?

6. Become a Freelance Writer

Being a writer does not have to work in an agency or company. You can also become a freelance writer by relying on the Indonesian writing and language skills you learned from school.

Today, there are many companies that need the services of freelance writers to write about their products or services. You can take advantage of this opportunity to earn additional income from writing.

The average freelance writer earns $10-5 per article for publication by the company. If you want to earn $50 in a day, that means you only need to write 5-10 articles a day. Easy and promising, right?

7. Play in Apps

Current technological developments allow anyone to access anything with the help of the internet network. In addition to being able to use this to communicate, you can also take the opportunity to earn income from playing on the application.

There are now many  banking games  or applications that allow users to play and earn money in them. You can download some of these games or applications easily via the App Store or Google Play Store.

You can get some money if you play a number of games in the application to a certain level. To get money, you only need to use your skills in playing  the game  and patience to get to the predetermined level. 

8. Host Live Streaming

Apart from being a  gamer  or playing some games on the app, you can also earn $50 in a day by hosting  various apps that support the  live streaming feature.

Some of the applications in question include Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Likee Live, Bigo Live, TikTok Live, YouTube Live, and even Shopee Live. Besides being able to bring in income, you can also eliminate boredom and interact with new people who visit the room in the application.

9. Invest

Investment is an investment activity that can be carried out directly or indirectly with reciprocity in the form of profits from the investment results.

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When you hear the word investment, you may immediately think of large amounts of capital and profits that are usually heralded in events or news about business. In fact, anyone can invest early without having to have a large capital.

10. Opening a Store in E -Commerce

The way to earn $50 the next day is to sell products on well-known e-commerce  sites . In this digital era, you can sell anything and anyone can buy it anywhere.

In addition, you don’t have to pay anything to open a business in e-commerce . Just open an account and start selling your products.

You can sell items that you buy wholesale or even your handmade crafts. Use photos that are representative and attractive to attract potential buyers. The more buyers and reputation you collect, the more your merchandise will be in demand. So, you can earn $50 a day easily.

11. Opening a Business

This way of making $50 a day is also worth considering. One of the easiest businesses to start is a food business.

You can open your own shop or become an agent of frozen food. Or if the capital you have is large enough, you can consider buying  a more promising franchise  . Adjust it to the budget you have, it doesn’t have to be big, the most important thing is that you have to master how to sell it.

With the help of social media, you can market your products easily and at almost no cost. To attract potential buyers, you can offer various attractive promos.

If the quality of the products you offer is high and the business has grown, it is guaranteed that you will easily find a way to make $50 a day.

12. Online Lesson Teacher

If you have a  passion  for teaching and have special abilities that are quite capable, such as language, photography, videography, or even certain subjects, you can consider opening online lessons.

Opening online tutoring can be quite promising, especially in the midst of today’s society’s habit of doing everything from home. You can offer these online tutoring services individually or even register on  an online learning platform  .

If you open your own business, offer it to relatives or promote it through your website and your own social media. Meanwhile, if you want to become a teacher on  an online learning platform  , simply register and take the selection exam to be able to teach.

Prepare interesting learning modules for your prospective students so they don’t get bored and maybe even recommend you to their friends. If you consistently do it, this way to earn $50 a day will certainly be easy to achieve.

13. Become an Application Tester

Happy with technology? The way to earn $50 the next day is to become a tester or tester of applications and websites.

The work of testing these applications is common, especially overseas. The function of the application tester is to find problems or bugs in applications that are being developed by developers so that they can fix them and are ready to be released to the market for users.

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The only equipment you need is a laptop or  smartphone. Usually this application test takes 10 to 20 minutes, depending on  the task  given by the developer. Each  task  you can get paid up to $ 10 per test. Register yourself on a  trusted app testing  site , yes!

Collect the money you receive from various applications for you to cash out later. For payments usually use PayPal. So, first create an account on PayPal to make it easier to send your payments.

14. Open Design Services

Creative work is never empty of enthusiasts, one of which is graphic design. Even now you can more easily market your services through a  freelancer application.

Graphic design needs are not only useful for big businesses, you can also offer them for home businesses that are building their social media. In addition, now there are many graphical conveniences that you can enjoy.

You don’t need to be proficient in design apps, like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, because now there are free graphics apps, like Canva, that are much easier. Study the features in Canva carefully, master them, then create a design signature that sells.

Don’t forget to create an attractive portfolio so that potential clients can easily see your work and hire you for bigger projects. If you have a large clientele, this is an easy way to earn $50 a day.

15. Opening a Pet Care Service

If you are an animal lover and know how to care for animals properly, why not take advantage of it? Nowadays, many animal lovers often seek animal care services when they are outside.

Build a qualified facility for these pets and collaborate with trusted veterinarians. Guaranteed potential customers will not hesitate to entrust their pets to you. Animal lovers are also classified as people who spend money on services for the comfort of animals that are considered family.

So, you can consider how to get $50 a day because it’s guaranteed that you won’t be empty of customers.

Those are some ways to earn $50 a day for students that you can practice. Don’t forget to save and invest regularly if you’ve managed to get income from some of these ways, yes!

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