10 Quick and Easy Ways to Get Bitcoin

Since its launch in 2009, Bitcoin has always been the talk of many people. Especially when the value is very high now. More and more people are then looking for ways to get Bitcoin quickly and easily.

It’s never too late to start collecting Bitcoins now. The reason is, Bitcoin is one of the investment instruments that is increasingly easy to obtain. Its ownership as an investment asset has also been regulated and supervised by the Indonesian government.

Interested in getting started now? Check out some of the methods that can be used to get Bitcoin below!

How to Get Bitcoin Easily

There is a lot you can do to get Bitcoin as an investment asset. There are ways that require large capital in order to be able to dredge bitcoins in large quantities. There is also a way that is fairly free, but it takes perseverance to live it.

You can choose which way you can and are comfortable doing. Here are a series of ways to get Bitcoin easily! 

1. Buying Bitcoin

The easiest and most hassle-free way is to buy Bitcoin from a company that runs a cryptocurrency trading business. Currently, there are many digital platforms that make it easy for you to buy Bitcoins to be used as investment assets.

You only need to create an account and provide an investment account to start buying and selling Bitcoin. From this digital platform, you can check the value of Bitcoin asset ownership more easily.

Not only Bitcoin, this trading platform also provides a variety of other cryptocurrencies that you can own. So, you can diversify cryptocurrency assets for long-term investments.

2. Mining Bitcoin

The concept of mining ( mining ) is actually just an extension of the basic concept known for mining products. Mining Bitcoin is a process of solving complex mathematical problems. However, the payoff can be huge when you do it successfully.

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How to get Bitcoin on this one also requires a large enough capital. The reason is, you need a computer with high specifications and the right software to get started. In addition, you need a large amount of electricity because you have to keep the computer on all day long.

After you get a Bitcoin chip, all you have to do is transfer it to a digital wallet specifically for crypto currencies. You can cash it out or combine it with the Bitcoins you have on the digital platform.

3. Crypto Faucets

You can get a small amount of Bitcoin for free with a crypto faucet A crypto faucet is a site or app that will send various crypto assets as gifts. However, not everyone can get crypto assets for free in this giveaway program.

To get it, you have to do something simple on a site or app. Call it watching a video campaign or following a promo made by the site. You also need to enter your personal data and digital wallet address to get free crypto asset shipments.

4. Play online games

Just playing games you can also get Bitcoin, you know! There are already many choices of games that provide prizes or income in the form of crypto currency. You just need to work on one of them to start collecting Bitcoin little by little.

However, there is a choice of games that require large capital too, you know. Some games require players to use a high-end computer, PC, or smartphone in order to play them. There are also games that require players to buy characters and equipment in the game .

5. Airdrops

Similar to the faucet program airdrops will also give free Bitcoin to a person or community in a certain amount. The difference is, this airdrops program is carried out by the company to increase awareness of those who are lucky to get these crypto assets.

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Not only Bitcoin, other crypto assets are also sometimes a reward for this one program. To get it, companies will ask selected people to take part in the campaigns they create. It could be following social media accounts or promoting a business owned by the company.

6. P2P Transactions

Cryptocurrencies are free assets that can be bought and sold without intermediaries. You can also buy Bitcoin from overseas owners directly. This means that you don’t need a third party to make this transaction a success.

After determining the price and amount of Bitcoin you want to own, all you have to do is transfer the money to the seller. The seller will transfer the Bitcoin to your crypto asset digital wallet.

7. Selling services or products

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can also be used as a legal payment system in a number of countries. That is, you can sell products and price them with crypto currency. This buying and selling system is not new anymore in various industrial and business fields.

8. Selling skills

A number of companies in the world now exist that provide rewards to their employees in the form of Bitcoin, you know. Paying with cryptocurrencies is considered easier and less costly. Even more so if the employees employed by the company are in different countries.

Those who are looking for by the company of course have special skills that are really needed by the company. If you want to get a Bitcoin salary too, start honing yourself with the skills needed by many people.

9. Join the bounty program

Those of you who want to get Bitcoin for free can join a bounty program organized by a crypto asset provider company. This program is similar to an airdrop that will share crypto assets for free. The difference is, the bounty will ask you to do a lot of work first.

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You are asked to promote a new cryptocurrency in an initial coin offering (ICO). Next is to make a review about the provider’s platform as well as an abstract about the currency. If you attract a lot of readers, you will immediately be rewarded with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

10. Donate

Only by donating Bitcoin, you can get Bitcoin again. In fact, you can get Bitcoin with a greater value. This activity is usually carried out by the blockchain and cryptocurrency trading community.

This community will later invite cryptocurrency owners to donate to others. This will get more people to participate in this digital campaign. When donating, you need to include your Bitcoin wallet address .

Try to donate bigger Bitcoins. Great kindness will open up opportunities for you to get big donations from other people too.

Those are a number of ways you can do to get Bitcoin. In addition to crypto investments, you can choose other investment instruments to manage your wealth.

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