4 Guaranteed Risks When You Add Vehicle Insurance Collateral Expansion
4 Guaranteed Risks When You Add Vehicle Insurance Collateral Expansion

4 Guaranteed Risks When You Add Vehicle Insurance Collateral Expansion

Many insurance products are offered by the insurance industry. One of them is transportation insurance.

As the name suggests, this insurance provides insurance against injury for risks that may occur occasionally, such as disaster, fire, chaos, flood, natural disaster, loss, and the like.


The bonuses paid for transportation insurance are quite varied. Regarding the type or type of transportation insurance selected, is it all risk or total loss only (TLO).

But you need to know that there are usually some risks involved in expanding transportation insurance coverage. Next are some of the benefits of warranty expansion that you need to know:

1. Silence when natural disasters hit

Indonesia is a country with a very large natural disaster potential. You and anyone will never know when a natural disaster occurs, such as floods, hurricanes, natural shocks, and tsunamis.

By citing collateral expansion, your loss due to the risk of natural disasters such as the above can be covered by the insurance industry. For example, your car is caught in a flood when you return to the office, or is disabled due to natural shocks.


Indeed, insurance payments will be more expensive. But at least it makes you quiet and comfortable when natural disasters strike instantly.

2. Unpredictable chaos and terrorism

Another risk on the highway is chaos and terrorism. Noise and chaos arise unexpectedly and your means of transportation may become a victim.

Didn’t know it was dented, heavily deformed, let alone burnt. It’s definitely a big injury if you don’t have the bonus properties.

However, for those who have secured the benefits of transportation insurance bonuses, especially for the risk of noise and chaos, there is no need to worry about the cost of repairs. Because it is guaranteed transportation insurance.

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3. Third party legal liability

There are many risks when driving on the highway. Not only linking yourself and the passengers of your means of transportation, but also other people.

For example, you face an accident and hit someone else’s car. Or have hit another driver’s car, also hit a booth on the edge of the lane because you hit the steering wheel.


Well, transportation insurance with warranty expansion can guarantee that loss. Not only for the correction of your defective car, but also the responsibility for the third party that you lose. It’s good to pay for corrections to healing if a third party is required to be hospitalized.

4. Self-disaster for passengers

The benefit of the bonus on transportation insurance also prevents car passengers. So, it is not only legal for the helmsman, but also for the passengers.

This collateral is a kind of payment for healing the impact of a disaster, for example. Of course, if you have to spend an individual, the cost is very large. Your funds can be depleted for that need.

As long as you quote this collateral expansion, financial loss due to unforeseen circumstances is not guaranteed on its own. Living to file a claim, until the loss will be covered by the insurance industry.

Vehicle Insurance Buying Guide

1. Match with needs

In fact, you can determine the demand for car insurance based on the type, namely All Risk or Comprehensive and TLO.

All Risk or Comprehensive

Share collateral or damage your car for all types of damage, from minor damage, serious injury, to running out of transportation.

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TLO( Overall Loss Only)

Share collateral for your car if there is a loss or damage of more than 75%. If the defect is slight, such as a dented car or a broken rearview mirror, scratches, or theft, the loss cannot be exchanged. Everything is guaranteed by you.

2. Think about the rules of the claim method

A good insurance company, wants to deal with customer claims as quickly and as early as possible. You can find this data from friends or relatives who are insurance participants, or from the internet, forums.

Should not sort out the slow insurance industry, as well as the complicated procedure in filing a claim. Because it will only make you injured and face some problems after a risk occurs.

3. Match the financial situation

The amount of the bonus will definitely affect the benefits and protection you have the next day. I want the best, cover all the risks.

But generally such insurance products, the premiums are quite expensive. If your income is modest, it is better to find one that matches your financial skills.

There’s no need to rush to get transportation insurance whose premiums are expensive, but risking other important expense items, such as daily wishes or loan payment posts.

Want to Apply for Transportation Equipment Insurance Expansion? The premium is more expensive

There are benefits, there are prices. If you want to quote a warranty expansion on transportation insurance, of course you must be prepared to pay a more expensive bonus.

Select the expansion of properties that you really need. For example, your office area is prone to flooding, so buy bonus benefits that cover only the risk of flooding.

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