4 tips for investors from a young American who made over $1.4 million on the stock market

Maththew Monac o, a 24-year -old investor who earned more than $1.4 million on the stock market , revealed a series of tips for trading stocks and making a profit.

The young American, who began his studies in software engineering, changed course not wanting to have such a routine job.

In this way, he began to relate to trading, with the support of his parents in paying for courses to learn everything in the area, where he found his true passion.

From that moment until today, Monaco has already managed to generate millionaire profits in the stock market , following some tricks that he recently revealed.

As a main warning, it clarifies to all those who wish to enter the world of trading that it is very important to follow their instincts, and not focus on copying other people’s methods.

For him, investors should each find their own way, because there is no formula that works for everyone.

Maththew Monaco earned more than $1.4 million on the stock market

Matthew Monaco’s four tips for investors

1. Research stocks when the market opens

Monaco spends 30 minutes to an hour each day looking up the day’s stock moves , highlighting between 10 and 15.

2. Check the capitalization of the outstanding actions

It takes into account the stock float, since this variable shows the amount of shares available for purchase by other investors.

3. Track stocks of over $500,000 daily trading volume

This factor tells you that there is enough liquidity for a single large transaction to significantly change the price of the rest of the shares.

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4. Keep the shares purchased until the next day

If the stock price rose in the morning and flattened out in the afternoon, chances are it can continue to rise overnight or into the next morning.

Argentina: how is the current economic situation?

The start of the week represents a new opportunity for thousands of investors to look for new tools that allow them to improve the performance of their money .

For the third week in a row, financial dollars and gaps fell.

It was the third in a row with a fall in the alternative dollars and in the gaps.

As mentioned weeks ago, the free dollars had room to fall and, thanks to the soybean dollar, their falls deepened last week.

Minister Massa’s tour of the United States seems to be yielding good results. In addition to the promise of investment, international credits have been released that will help reinforce reserves.

In this context , it is very likely that the gaps will decrease even more , hand in hand with the rise in the official dollar that accelerated last week and, a little more, with some pesos that lower the free dollars.

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