The 3 Most Profitable Types of Short-Term Investments for Beginners – The 3 Most Profitable Types of Short-Term Investments for Beginners, Investing has become increasingly important in recent years. Why is it significant? Given the various types of financial risks that can occur at any time, investments can be used to meet short-term or long-term financial goals in the future.

Deposits, peer-to-peer lending, mutual funds, and other types of short-term investment products are also widely available in the capital market. You can reap benefits from this type of investment in the future. But first, learn which short-term investments are the most profitable for beginners who want to try their hand at investing.

1. Deposit

Deposit is one of the investment products or instruments owned by a bank with the aim of saving funds for a certain period of time in accordance with several applicable regulations. Usually, new deposits can be disbursed in accordance with the agreed time period between the customer and the bank. The period specified is usually 3 months, 6 months to 12 months. If you withdraw before maturity, there will be a risk of being penalized or fined that you have to pay according to the previous agreement.

2. Mutual Funds

Considered as a type of short-term investment that is liquid and practical, the way to manage mutual funds is also fairly simple because investors can do it themselves. In general, there are various types of mutual funds, including equity mutual funds, mixed mutual funds, fixed income mutual funds and money market mutual funds. Of course, each type of mutual fund has fluctuations in price movements and the risks borne are also different. Just choose which one is suitable and according to your investment needs.

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3. Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending

Although it is considered a new investment product, peer to peer lending has become a popular investment that is starting to attract a lot of attention from the public. Even though it has too big a risk that is borne by the investors because it is not directly under the auspices of an official government-owned financial institution, the amount of return that is quite high can actually be considered by investors. Because it is different from short-term investments such as deposits with yields below 10%, on average this P2P Lending can provide profits of up to more than 15%.

So, have you decided which short-term investment is right for you? You need to know, each type of investment product has different risks. Depends on which one you want to choose. 

Also make sure the investment you choose is in accordance with your goals and financial profile. That way you can get the maximum benefit according to your wishes.

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