Be Careful, Claims Can Be Rejected Due to Payload Advantage

Why nowadays transportation insurance products continue to be widely discussed among citizens? Because, this insurance itself is very helpful in facilitating expenses.

When calculated in one year, even minor car repair fees can be quite large, especially if the repairs are large.

However, it should be noted that not all insurance claims are obtained by the industry. One that often faces antipathy is when the means of transportation is disabled due to excess baggage.

For example, the capacity of the car should be 8 people, but it is used to lift 10 people, so the destruction cannot be claimed.

What is the solution if the claim is rejected?

If the claim submitted is rejected by the insurance industry, you inevitably have to bear the correction fee that has been paid at the partner workshop.

It means to look at any damage that is included in the type of industrial conversion, so it’s not just a claim.


If it seems that the damage that occurs in the current means of transportation is beyond the determination contained in the policy, you do not need to bother preparing a deed for a claim. The claim has of course been denied.

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Want to Buy the Right Insurance? This is the tip

Be Careful, Claims Can Be Rejected Due to Payload Advantage

Although insurance is intended to prevent the means of transportation from the risks that occur in the middle of the expedition, not all industries offer maximum benefits. Means to choose the right insurance according to the needs of the means of transportation. Next are the tips.

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1. Ask the dealer for advice

When buying a car from a dealer, you can seek advice from the insurance industry that has the best capabilities. Dealers certainly have some suggestions of places where they or their buyers insure the car.

Recommendations from dealers can be used as estimation material because many dealers have collaborated with the insurance industry.


So that you don’t make the wrong choice, it’s better to take the time to find out data about related dealers on the internet. From the tracking engine, you can find out about the evaluation of residents who have become customers of the industry.

2. Ask family or friends for advice

If you are not confident in the dealer’s advice because there is cooperation that has been established for a long time, you can move to ask for the advice of many people closest to you.

Just say family or friends who have long entrusted the protection of their favorite car to the insurance industry.

Recommendations from family or friends are much more reliable because there is no collaboration between them. All evaluations are left based on individual experience when insuring a car.

Given that the industry advice submitted may be more than one, the number of industry capabilities should also be based on individual points of view.

That way, you don’t blame family or friends who suggested the industry if sometimes there are things that are less stressful when claiming.

3. Selection with a wide claim coverage area

Not the entire insurance industry is completely scattered in Indonesia. Some are only in big cities. So it means to pay attention to the area circulation of the industry to make it easier to claim later in the day.

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This matter means to be considered, especially by those of you who often carry out business expeditions out of town. Do not let the benefits of insurance cannot be used because of the limited coverage area of ​​the claim.

4. Selection with affordable premiums

Bonuses are another thing to think about before buying insurance that is suitable for transportation. Choose a bonus that is affordable in the pocket, so the payment method is always easy every year.

The smoothness of bonus payments greatly affects how to claim. If the payment is stuck, there may be a way for submitting a claim to take a long time because you yourself do not fulfill the role as well as you should.


Perhaps the worst case is that insurance policies lapse or are cooled by the industry. Finally, the way of claiming is really stuck.

5. Live the comparison

When choosing transportation insurance, it should not be easily swayed by the seduction or charm of the benefits offered by insurance agents. Not all agents share the correct data.

There are agents who plan to exaggerate the benefits of insurance to attract people’s attention, so you have to be extra careful. You should ask the relevant agent for time to think about it before deciding to become a customer.

During this time, you can use to compare insurance products from one industry to another. That way, it’s possible to make the wrong selection smaller.

6. Expandable efficacy

As a customer, you certainly need maximum protection for your means of transportation. It is natural to sometimes want to expand the benefits of insurance obtained.

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For example, from what was previously only paying for the damage caused by disasters, now it is expanded to include destruction due to natural disasters, demonstrations, and the like.

This expansion can actually be tried with the condition that there is an accumulation of bonus payments. You should check with the relevant industry to get a more detailed count.

Fulfilling Vehicle Protection Desire

It’s not only yourself who need to find protection, but also your individual means of transportation. Until then, it fulfills the desire for maximum protection of transportation means. Safe means of transportation, pockets are also convenient.

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