Modified Cars Are Hard to Claim for Insurance? Here are the Tips!

How to claim is often a particular challenge for some people. The process is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand because the policy must fulfill various deeds so that claims can run easily. Not only that, there is also a determination that must be fulfilled is that the car is not modified because this has the potential to invalidate the claim.

Fortunately there is a guide that helps smooth the way of claiming even if the car has been modified in such a way. What are the tips?

Modified Cars Are Hard to Claim for Insurance? Here are the Tips!

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Guide for Modified Cars to be Claimed

Change is your right to act like the owner and helmsman. But in fact, not all insurers justify claims for modified cars.

That’s why it’s important to discuss about this change in the relevant insurance industry first before executing.

Discuss what parts can be exchanged and can still be claimed if they are occasionally defective to minimize expenses.

If the insurance industry recognizes that the changes being attempted will actually increase the chances of a disaster or destruction occurring, the claim is automatically rejected.

For example, increasing the dimensions of the wheels that make the car legs work extra to hold the weight. If the legs are deformed due to the exchange of wheels, then the insurance will not change the repair fee.

8 Car Change Guide for Beginners

If you are planning to modify the car, here are some changes that can be used as guidance.

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1. Know the purpose of modification

Beginning is recognizing the purpose of change itself. Is it just for style or desire demonstration because this greatly affects the magnitude of the changes to be attempted, especially in the engine.

Stay away from too many changes, especially those that have the opportunity to make a lightning car disabled. Remember the amount of payment that will be issued if the insurance denies the claim, so you don’t just modify it.

2. Confirm the theme

Next is to define a theme that automatically affects the exterior and interior of the car. There are also themes that can be used as references, such as racing, classic, beautiful, elegant, retro, to feminine. If the theme is sporty, then the accumulation of ax accessories will be highly recommended with colors that match the car.

If the modification is for individual consumption, you should choose a theme that is not too flashy so that it is always eye catching. Changes that are too late can even look stupid or even lower the value of the car itself.

3. Calculate the cost

As is known, the fee for modifying a car is related to the number of changes and parts to be modified. Continue to be a lot of changes, continue to be expensive too. Until then, first calculate the cost globally so you know how to prepare a budget.

Don’t let it be because you don’t do the calculations in advance, changes will become your responsibility because of a lack of budget. This will automatically interfere with the performance of the car itself. You also become less confident when driving it.

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4. Required parts

Continue to be many parts that want to be modified, continue to be many parts that must be prepared. Make a list about this section, then search at your trusted auto shop or search online.

If that part is not available in workshops or online e-commerce in Indonesia, you can search for e-commerce abroad and import it. However, always take into account the costs because there are taxes and entry tags that must be paid.

5. Start with the most important part

Start by changing the car engine, especially if the engine has matured. Changing the engine will restore the car’s real appearance. Next is the alloy wheels, film mirrors, to the car audio section.

Stay away from excessive changes. Not only does it reduce the beauty of the car, excessive changes can lower the selling price of the car. Because, not everyone has the same passion as you.

6. The interior must always be comfortable

In fact, it’s fine if you want to modify the interior of the car. But remember, don’t overdo it that makes the comfort level decrease. For example, for the steering wheel, don’t choose a size that is very thick because tomorrow it will be difficult to grip.

Look for references at best if you want to modify the interior of the car. If necessary, talk to an engineer or a friend who has modified the car to find enlightenment.

7. The process must be correct

Changing a car is not an easy matter. There are many things that must be considered so that the changes match your dreams. The process must also be correct so as not to interfere with other parts.

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If you do not believe in your own skills, you should ask for expert services. In this way, the results are also maximized.

8. Regularly maintain the car

Cars that have been modified require intense attention because the quality of the parts exchanged is not necessarily the same as the quality of the original. Therefore, take care of the car regularly at your trusted repair shop.

Ask the engineer to do a global kir to know the condition of the car. If there is a defective part, it should be replaced immediately.

Stay away from Unnecessary Accessories

Changes make the car look up to date, as well as the opportunity to improve its performance. However, avoid the accumulation of unnecessary accessories because they can interfere with the exterior of the car and make expenses increase.

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