8 Exclusive Things You Get When Your Car Is Insured

In fact, it’s not just your own health that needs to be insured. One of the valuable objects, such as cars also need to find protection considering the high risk of driving that occurs in this age.

In addition to protection in the form of injury when the car is disabled or scratched, the insurance industry also provides several exclusive information to customers. The following are exclusive conditions that can be obtained when the car is insured:


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1. Extensive partner workshop

Defective cars are not a disaster anymore. By insuring the car, you can get fast repair services when the car is damaged in the middle of the trip. With memos, corrections are attempted in the workshops of partners from the insurance industry.

Before buying car insurance, it is important to know the insurance industry partner repair shop. How many repair shops have worked similarly to the industry because this will make it easier for you to get a correction tool when the car breaks down tomorrow.

2. Claim relief

All policies have the power to make claims if the means of transportation are damaged, whether due to accidents, natural disasters, brawls, and others as well as being registered in the insurance claim policy. Should look at the method of filing a claim such as that authorized by the industry to speed up how to treat injuries.

Starting from loading blanks, including facts about the destruction of the means of transportation, and so on. When the destruction is genuine due to an accident, believe that the way to submit a claim will be made easier by the industry. Moreover, this claim submission has become part of the rights of all policies when insuring the means of transportation.

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3. Customer service

If something when you are having trouble when submitting a claim or do not understand the points recorded, then you can go to the insurance industry customer service. This service can be accessed via the Whatsapp application, phone calls, or live chat on the official website of the industry.

This service automatically makes it easier for you to get the data you want. But to get this service, usually need to queue because of the large number of customers who need to be served at the same time. Should provide all questions in detail to save the time waiting for an answer from the relevant customer service.

4. Walking freely

This exclusive matter was handed over when the police faced an accident on the expedition. The ambulance service will take the police to the nearest hospital for further action before the police’s health situation becomes acute.

But remember, just pay for the delivery of the policy to the hospital. To pay for medical treatment, the policy must be responsible for using individual money. It is different if the policy includes health insurance, so that medical expenses during the healing process from an accident will be guaranteed by the insurance industry concerned.

5. Redeem transportation fee

The insurance industry also provides transfer fee transfers if the insured car is defective and is in the process of being corrected. This transfer fee exchange varies, depending on the policy of each insurance industry.

Not all industries also share this exclusive right. That’s why it’s good to ask in advance about the benefits that are obtained during association as a policy to avoid miscommunication.

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6. Replacement car during repair

The car is under correction? No need to be afraid because as long as the car is repaired, the insurance company will provide replacement car facilities to accompany your days. So, you can always work as well as you should.

This replacement car facility will actually be returned to the industry after the insured car has been repaired and can be used for driving. Make sure you optimize for a replacement car and maintain it properly throughout the loan period.

7. Free Turn Service

If the insured car is completely unusable, then the insurance industry is ready to help. The trick is to provide a free turn service to lift the car to a partner repair shop to find a correction.

You should visit the insurance industry customer service when you want this turnaround service. Tell where the tow is going to be tested and wait for a while until the turning service arrives.

8. Latest insurance features

The insurance industry often carries out service upgrades to pamper customers. The trick is to improve the latest features in car insurance products whose information can be used directly by customers.

Notifications of the latest features are generally notified via email, SMS, or telephone. So before this feature was published in the usual way, it was generally insurance customers who first obtained the data and could use this feature.

Optimize the Benefits of Car Insurance

Involving your car in insurance is not something to lose, but a profit because the car gets maximum protection throughout the period of use. Not only that protection, there are also some exclusive things that can be directly used as described in the points above. Therefore, optimize the benefits of insurance products and don’t be embarrassed to ask if there is something that is not understood about car insurance products.

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