Signs You Need to Change Car Insurance Products

Having car insurance is a must for owners of 4-wheeled transportation equipment. Because, there are many benefits that can be experienced by getting car insurance. It will automatically reduce the financial burden when using a car as a moving equipment.

Take for example, when the turn signal is damaged due to being hit by another means of transportation, you can file a claim with the insurance company and get some warranty payments to compensate for the loss.


However, there are times when the benefits provided do not match the expectations. This is what often makes you want to exchange insurance products.

That’s fine, really, but try changing your car insurance product if you’re facing one of these 5 things.

1. Desire has changed

Desire changes all the time. Today’s desires must be different from tomorrow’s desires. Because, there are unexpected circumstances that make you obliged to increase the number of wishes.

This is also legal in car insurance. When demand for car protection continues to grow, it’s natural that product exchanges are attempted. For example, you move to a flood-prone area, so you buy car insurance whose benefits have covered the damage caused by floods.


Expansion of benefits received significantly reduces expenses. So, think again about what factors in the future will disturb the safety of transportation means. As a result, you can match the product with what you want.

2. Bonus prices keep getting expensive

One of the purposes of buying car insurance is to save on expenses. When you feel stuck in saving expenses, it’s a natural thing to switch to another mind. Moreover, the industry that offers car insurance products is quite a lot, so it can be matched with the budget.

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If the bonus price paid is more expensive than last year, you need to know why. If the escalation is because you find an expansion of efficacy, that’s okay. If not, you can look for other insurance referrals that are cost-effective.


Do not let because the premium is expensive, the payment will be in arrears. Match it with the budget too so it doesn’t burden you financially.

3. The insurance industry is hit by cases

So a wise customer needs it when buying financial products, such as insurance. Take a look at the reputation of the insurance industry in recent years. If the reputation is good, then the risk of bankruptcy is very small, and vice versa.

Don’t make the wrong choice of industry because this will affect how you claim later on. As a customer, you don’t want your claim to be rejected because the industry is having problems, right? Actually it’s not your problem, but you want to be affected by it too.

Whether or not the good name of the insurance industry can be checked through the Financial Services Sovereign (OJK) website. It can also be through customer reviews, products offered, and the industry’s financial situation in recent years.

4. Difficult insurance claims

There are several things that make claims difficult. It could be because the good name of the insurance industry is in trouble, the attached deed is incomplete, or it is indeed a method of scattered industries. Eventually, the process becomes hooked and takes a lot of time.

If this is the reality, it’s not wrong if you want to change car insurance. Your action is even recommended because of the effectiveness and ability of the claims at stake.

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Ideally, the insurance industry must share a sense of silence with customers who want to make claims. If you don’t get this, it’s natural to look for other insurance companies that are more reliable.

5. Unfriendly partner workshop service

The assessment is not only limited to the insurance industry, but also to partner workshops. If the service of a partner repair shop is not a relief, the process is complicated, and the location is difficult to reach, it’s okay if you look at the car insurance products offered by other industries.

Make sure the latest insurance industry has excellent service and has partner workshops in various positions. So, you can choose the best for your version.


Especially when carrying out expeditions out of town. With partner workshops scattered widely, you can get the kind of services you need.

6. Financial situation changes

The life chakra goes around, sometimes at the bottom or at the top. The same is true for financial situations. You can’t justify your financial situation will be serious or continue to get worse because it’s all about how you manage it.

If the financial situation is not as good as it used to be, it is natural if you change insurance products at a more affordable price. On the other hand, when finances recover, it’s natural for you to switch to a better product, which finds greater expansion.

The point is, always match your financial situation so that bonus payments are always easy every month.

Change Products at the Right Duration

When asked about the best time to change insurance products, it is actually related to the wishes of each. What you need to know is not to change policies when the latest car crashes because this makes the new car insurance bonus more expensive.

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