6 Guidelines for Submitting a Car Claim on Credit

The car is one of the means of transportation that is believed to be able to improve a person’s life. Do not be confused if some people desperately save money to buy a car. Moreover, there are those who are willing to pay installments of up to several years to get the car of their dreams.

Want to buy cash or installments, both can be provided that the consumer is responsible for the purchase being tried. After successfully owning a car, then you should insure the car to be more comfortable from unwanted events or the hands of irresponsible people.


But for the way to claim it yourself, what’s the trick for a car that is in installments? Come on, follow some of the tips in this base.

1. Provide all the necessary deeds

Claims in any form, whether small or large, must be accompanied by several deeds. Say duplicate STNK, transportation insurance policies, driver’s licenses, and facts from the local police for cars whose damage is more than 70%. All of these deeds must be prepared before submitting a claim to the industry.

After everything is done, you should put these documents together in a paper or plastic folder so they don’t fall apart. Bring all these deeds with you at the time of claim so that the insurance industry can quickly submit the application, so that liability payments are immediately disbursed.

2. Try claiming via digital method

Be grateful for the era that continues to be modern and up-to-date as it is today. With the development of the era, you can do everything digitally, including managing transportation insurance claims. The trick is easy, is through the application by selecting the destination of the industry where you want to file a claim.

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How the claim will be processed and completed at the selected destination. If sometimes there is antipathy, then managing it must also go through the office destination that you selected early on, not for other purposes. Choose activities carefully, make sure you are easy to reach that goal if the claim method is problematic.

3. View claim progress through the app

After preparing the deed and submitting the claim, it is time to check the progress of the claim that is still being submitted in the application. Generally, the explanation of claims will change according to the way in which the claims are related. By knowing the progress, you can determine the estimated time until the guarantee money is disbursed by the company.

In order to be constantly updated, one should see the progress of the claim in an orderly manner. If it doesn’t change, you can take action to speed up the claim. Especially if you really need the guarantee money.

4. Go to the insurance industry office

Although efficient, claims submitted through the application are not immediately processed. Have to go beyond some of the queues of people who have already made claims in the industry. Don’t be confused if for example the claim you submit is stuck and doesn’t come to face developments.

If this happens, then one solution is to visit the insurance industry agent’s office which is very close to the place of residence or office destination. Here, your claim is immediately processed on the same day, so there is no need to wait for days. Of course, bring the necessary deed to expedite the behavior of transportation insurance claims.

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5. How to pick up the car for repair

This he enjoys if you add a car in the transportation insurance program. Some insurance companies provide accompanying pick-up and drop-off services for transportation equipment to be repaired. It’s okay to let the workshop know where you pick it up, so you don’t need to take it back to the workshop for repair.

This service certainly makes the job more efficient and efficient, especially if you don’t have to waste time going to the workshop to provide transportation equipment that will be repaired. To make your own transportation pick-up fee, you can ask the workshop directly. Of course, this service is not listed in the insurance section.


6. The car will be delivered back to your door


And what is no longer interesting is that a car that has been repaired will be sent back to the destination where you live or work. That means, you absolutely don’t need to go to a repair shop to check whether the transportation equipment is repaired properly or not. The reason is that you can file a complaint if the workshop is not working in the maximum way.

This service is perfect for those of you who have a busy schedule every day, especially if you don’t have time to leave the activity table. Even though the status is in installments, your car will always find the best services from the insurance industry or insurance partner workshops.

The status of the car does not change the claim relief

Indeed, the insurance industry does not care about the status of car purchases. Want it in installments or cash, especially the car that has been included in the insured inheritance record. As a result, anything that happens to the car becomes the responsibility of the insurance industry concerned, so you don’t have to feel too burdened with the costs incurred as a result of car repairs.

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