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Credible Car Insurance Industry Sorting Method
Credible Car Insurance Industry Sorting Method

Credible Car Insurance Industry Sorting Method

As the popularity of insurance continues to grow, more and more insurance companies have sprung up offering a variety of attractive offers to protect your car. Indeed, the use of insurance on cars has become a necessity nowadays. Not only as a form of protection, car insurance can also be used as maintenance capital

However, you must be careful in choosing which insurance company is appropriate to insure the car you have because the wrong choice of the insurance company can make you disappointed later in the day.


Choose an insurance industry that is trusted and has a good track record. Therefore, follow the further information regarding the characteristics of the unreliable insurance industry so as not to mis-select the insurance industry.

Not listed in OJK

First, look at the insurance industry that you want to select, whether it has been listed in the Financial Services Authority (OJK) or not. A reliable insurance industry has certainly been listed in the OJK, on ​​the other hand the insurance industry that is not clear is not.

An easy way to identify the registration of the insurance industry at the OJK is to visit the OJK customer service at all regional offices in Indonesia. Not only that, you can also find out data about the insurance industry through the OJK legal website at www. ojk. go. en.

Bad Insurance Claim Service

The insurance industry that has a good reputation certainly does not confuse its customers in terms of claims. In contrast to the unreliable insurance industry, they have complicated claim methods that lead to confusing their customers. Moreover, in some cases, many insurance claims were rejected and there were also those whose insurance coverage did not reach liquidation.

The difficulty in dealing with these claims results in a bad view of insurance in the community, meanwhile in handling claims in a reliable insurance industry, the procedure is not difficult. You just need to evaluate the requirements requested and explore the proposed method.

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Cheap Bonus Lure

Economical bonuses offered by some insurance companies are indeed tempting potential customers to buy them. What’s more, they come with a variety of global protections for the cars they own.

You deserve to be suspicious of the economic bonus offer, especially the unnatural impression offered by the insurance industry. This matter is tried because basically the bonus paid is in line with the protection obtained. It is not possible that by paying a bonus that is very economical, you get global protection, especially complete with all its various extensions.

Unprofessional Insurance Agent

Evaluation of whether or not an insurance industry can be observed also from the insurance agent it has. An unreliable insurance industry usually has an unreliable insurance agent. The identity of an unreliable insurance agent is:

1. Always Simplify Problems

Unreliable insurance agents usually oversimplify all the problems associated with insurance policies. If we inquire about a questionable matter, they do their best to reassure the customer by informing that the problem will end soon, while that is not the case.

For example, you are asking how the trick is if the car claims are damaged and the insurance that you have is only Total Loss Only (TLO). So, the agent wants to make sure that TLO insurance can also cover cars with scratches, while it doesn’t. TLO insurance only covers cars that are more than 75% defective and run out of risk.

2. Lack of Experience

As a reliable insurance agent, you should have experience in dealing with customers. This is because one of the roles of insurance agents is to assist customers in filing claims and managing all matters related to insurance policies.

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Not with obscure insurance agents who usually don’t know what to do when you file a claim because they are unprofessional. They are likely to beg you to wait. As a result, they want to make a complicated claim method to make it hard for customers to handle it.

3. Agents are hard to contact

Just imagine if it’s difficult to visit agents by telephone, how to stay in touch with insurance agents related to insurance policies. It can’t be that you have to go back and forth to the agent. Meanwhile, a good agent should be responsive to all customer problems and not confuse them.

Insurance Industry Has No Financial Viability


You should not take notes to the insurance industry that are not real. This matter is tried because it is possible that the insurance industry does not have the financial viability. That is, the industry does not have sufficient budget to pay insurance claims from its customers.

OJK has decided the basic dimensions of the financial feasibility of an insurance industry with the level of solvency as measured by Risk Based Capital (RBC). Solvency is the industry’s ability to pay off all its obligations, be it short-term or long-term loans. On the other hand, RBC is the level of financial security of an insurance industry.

Does not have maximum protection

The insurance industry is not clear usually does not distribute the maximum protection collateral. The illustration is that the insurance policy contains a contract if it runs out on the car, so the insurance industry will change it with a new car. However, in fact the insurance industry turns it only 80% of the price of the car.

Not Explaining Exceptions

The insurance industry is not clear about not wanting to tell customers about dispensations in insurance policies. The application is easy, they don’t want to tell customers about things that make insurance policies rejected or illegal. This is because the insurance industry does not clearly want to get more profit from its customers.

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An illustration of the problem, the insurance industry is not notified that the limit for claiming claims is 3 x 24 hours, because you don’t know you are delaying the duration of claim coverage until 5 days after the incident. When a claim is made, the insurance will automatically be rejected without any dispensation.

Avoid speaking in writing

The unreliable insurance industry usually avoids talking to customers on record. They tend to speak verbally. They do this to avoid the fact of the ijab contract that they throw at the customer.

For example, you ask to eliminate the expansion of fire protection and noise in the car so that the bonus paid is more economical. However, the insurance industry only agrees with the statement of words, so there is a tendency that there are things to watch out for. This is because the contract between the insured and the guarantor in insurance must be contained in the recorded contract.


Carefully First Integrity of the Insurance Industry Before Buying

It is a good idea before buying insurance from an insurance industry, do a study first whether the industry is reliable or not. You can find out through the internet by accessing the OJK website or by reading the testimonials of other people who have used the insurance. Is the comment good or not good.

Not only that, also make sure about the regulations contained in the insurance policy at an early stage before buying insurance in a real way. Be an active customer who always asks if you don’t understand so you don’t get caught up in rules you don’t know the next day.