Easy Guide to Claiming Car Insurance Without Rejection
Easy Guide to Claiming Car Insurance Without Rejection

Easy Guide to Claiming Car Insurance Without Rejection

Using transportation insurance is a significant desire that must be fulfilled as an individual car owner. Transportation insurance services will provide protection for the car, so the owner does not have to bear the various effects of loss that can occur due to various things.

But to get the best insurance services, it is necessary to choose the right insurance company and in accordance with the wishes of the beloved car. Not only that, mastering the terms and policies applied by the insurance industry is also another important matter that cannot be ignored.


Don’t let you face problems later in using car insurance services, just because you don’t follow the insurance policy carefully.

In general, obstacles in making claims are very common problems and are often experienced by car insurance consumers. If this one doesn’t go easy, then you definitely can’t enjoy car insurance services to the maximum, right?

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Car Insurance Claim Guide

Similar to other insurance services, submitting a car insurance claim must also be tried according to the method determined by the insurance. If you do not fulfill this matter properly, then the antipathy effect of claims from the insurance industry can certainly occur.

Not only wasting time, this kind of situation will also take a lot of energy. Stay away from antipathy to insurance claims with the right method, make sure you submit a claim completely and according to the proper method.


The following are some easy tips that you can try, so that your car insurance claim does not face antipathy:

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1. Immediately visit the insurance industry

When the car faces an effect (accident, run-out, and other situations) that must be handled with insurance services, so immediately go to the car insurance industry.

This coverage usually has to be tried a maximum of 3 x 24 hours after the effect occurs, so it is very important to report it as early as possible. Your information will make it easier to submit claims and the survey methods needed for that purpose.

Explain to the insurance industry the events that you experienced, so they understand. If the car encounters an accident, immediately call and file an insurance claim so that the car can get a repair at a partner repair shop as soon as possible.


You want to get a claim form from the insurance industry. Fill in and complete this blank, so that you can use it to repair the car at a partner repair shop. Don’t forget to deliver if your claim submission deed is being prepared.

2. Provide adequate disaster facts

Submitting a claim with complete facts is highly recommended, because this can make it easier for you to claim your car. Not only for the insurance industry, the fact of this disaster can also be a fact of your information to the rightful party.

Take some real pictures related to the disaster situation that you experienced and the designation of these pictures as facts.

3. Describe the course of events accurately

When submitting an insurance claim, you will be asked to describe an accident or other situation related to the claim. You must explain this path and respond to various problems that may be thrown by insurance industry employees.

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Make sure you can respond to all of this well. There are several things that need to be known about this, such as: the course of events, the position, the duration of the event, the driver of the car at the time of the incident, and others.

4. Complete and submit the required deed

To file a claim with the auto insurance industry, you’ll want some meaningful documents. This deed will vary from one event to another, so it is very important for you to master and prepare the deed in accordance with the wishes of the claim.

The following are some of the deeds for submitting claims based on the incident and must be understood properly:

Deed for filing a disaster claim:

Completely filled claim form.

Duplicate car insurance policy.

Explanatory message from the rightful party.

Facts of events (some pictures after the accident occurred).

If the accident involves a third party, then complete the following bonus deed:

A statment message on the insistence of changing the injury from a third party that is equipped with a stamp.

A statement message from a third party, which reports that the person in question does not have insurance services.

An explanatory message from the parties entitled to the disaster.

Deed for filing a theft claim

Completely filled claim form.

An explanatory message from those entitled to the robbery incident to the means of transportation.

Message the fact of terminating the vehicle registration vehicle registration.

Pay Attention to the Deed and Levels When Claiming Insurance

Submitting a car insurance claim must be a matter that is often complained of, because it is prone to antipathy. To avoid this, make sure you are well versed in the methods and conditions required for submitting the claim. Not only that, make sure to submit a car insurance claim according to the proper method, so that the claim can be approved quickly by the insurance industry.

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