Here are the various deeds that need to be prepared when claiming vehicle insurance
Here are the various deeds that need to be prepared when claiming vehicle insurance

Here are the various deeds that need to be prepared when claiming vehicle insurance

Are you one of those people who like to walk by means of individual transportation? When compared to ordinary means of transportation, the risks that are guaranteed when traveling with individual means of transportation are much greater. This risk is nothing but the payment of collateral for the safety of the means of transportation along the way.

Especially at this time, there continue to be many calamity problems that exist on the highway. No matter how careful you drive, it is not necessarily safe because other drivers may make driving mistakes that affect your means of transportation and safety.


And to reduce this risk, there is transportation insurance that can actually be claimed when the risk arises during driving activities. The question is, what deeds must be brought when submitting a claim? Next is the description!

1. File a claim because the transportation equipment is disabled due to an accident

Frequently traveling by means of automated personal transport will increase the risk of a crash occurring. Especially if your mileage is long and through congested road conditions. This destruction can be due to the negligence of yourself or others who actually want to pay off.

This fee is related to the size of the damage done to the means of transportation. To continue to be large, of course to continue to be expensive because many parts must be repaired so that the appearance and body of the transportation tool can return to the way it was before.


If you want to apply for a payment guarantee from the insurance industry, then prepare some documents on this basis.

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Bring a duplicate of the policy from transportation insurance, vehicle registration, and driver’s license

Loading a blank of the amount of loss that you are responsible for repairing a defective car with a signature

Explanation from the police working in the local area

A message of urgency from a third party if this destruction cannot be your fault personally

2. File a claim if the destruction is the result of a violent act or riot


Subsequent crashes can be due to violent actions or chaos that occurs on the highway while you are driving. There may be many people who are not responsible for creating tension or carrying out demonstrations, which consequently affect your means of transportation. And to justify it, a fee is required.

As a result of this incident, the schedule of activities may be delayed because you have to park the means of transportation to a more comfortable place before taking it to the nearest repair shop.

While taking a break, try to complete the next few documents to make it easier to claim the damage that you experience in the insurance industry.

Prepare duplicate policies from transportation insurance, STNK, and SIM

Contains information relating to the magnitude of the loss guaranteed by the event along with the characteristics of the hand

Asking for an explanation from the local police as a fact if this incident was not fabricated

3. File a claim if the means of transportation disappear due to a crime

Misbehavior that occurs where you are driving not only interferes with the means of transportation, but also poses the risk of the loss of the means of transportation. This can happen because you are threatened by many irresponsible people, and the car is a collateral so that you can be safe from these people.

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This kind of situation is very unfortunate. As a result of this event, daily movement will be stopped because you don’t have individual means of transportation as a mode of transfer when you are active. Luckily, you can tell the insurance industry about this loss to get a liability for a car robbery.


To make the claim process easier, try to provide some meaningful deeds on this basis.

Provide STNK, SIM, and order the original insurance policy

Fill in the information about the loss that you experience with the characteristics of the hand

Request an explanatory message from the police at the scene

Ask for the Kaditserse explanation message for the missing means of transportation from the Regional Police at the scene

Bring a STNK message that has been blocked

Bring an eye witness or ask for free body encouragement to deal with the problem of running out of vehicles

If a Transportation Equipment Insurance Claim is a Must Try?

It continues to be fast for claims to be submitted, so that it continues to be good so that these claims can be processed quickly by the insurance industry concerned. If you are unable to manage it at the time of the event, make sure the duration of the treatment is no more than 3 x 24 hours after the event. If you go beyond this maximum limit, then claims in any form will be immediately rejected by the insurance industry.

How long is the waiting time for how to claim success?

The response is related to the transportation equipment insurance industry itself. Some are lightning, some are old. However, in general the waiting period is between 3-7 business days, limited when you provide all the documents to file a claim.

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Meanwhile, the correction of the car itself cannot be predicted. It’s a good idea to look for other modes of transportation while the car is repaired so that your productivity doesn’t stagnate.

Is there a fee incurred when making a claim?

Certain! The amount of the fee has been determined by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), as a result, the claim payment in each insurance industry is the same, which is IDR 300. 000 per event.

Always picket your own safety and your means of transportation

Even though the insurance industry will cover a fee per event that hits you, that doesn’t mean you’re addicted. Stay responsible for your own safety and means of transportation as much as possible with a good driving method.