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Know the Risks of Car Insurance on Credit
Know the Risks of Car Insurance on Credit

Know the Risks of Car Insurance on Credit

Insuring means of transportation is a matter that means this age. It’s natural to remember the many unexpected circumstances that can arise in the middle of an expedition. Where insurance comes to protect your means of transportation from this bad thing.

Despite distributing benefits globally, there seem to be some risks to insuring a car, especially one that is in installments. Anything?


Are you looking for the best and cheapest car insurance?

1. Must fulfill the conditions for submitting a claim

The initial risk is that the car must meet the conditions for submitting a claim. Usually the insurance industry will take over the damage fee whose damage rate reaches 75% only. In the sense that the means of transportation are no longer suitable for use due to the large number of spare parts that must be repaired.

As for the destruction at 75% base, there are 2 possible. Early, claims can be obtained. Second, the claim is simply rejected.

It all comes back to the discretion of each insurance industry. Hopefully it will be exchanged, so the loss is not guaranteed by itself.

2. Injury change payments are not directly handed over to the customer

Don’t ever assume that the payment for changing the injury of a disabled transportation vehicle is handed over to you directly, right! For cars that are in installments, the insurance industry usually distributes this injury change to the leasing industry first. With the meaning to pay off the remaining installments of the car.

If in fact the budget is excessive, then the excess will be left to you. This budget can be used to pay off the latest car down payment.

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The amount of compensation for injury is related to the policy printed on the policy and the amount of the bonus. Continuing to be high in premiums, injury compensation fees generally continue to be high.

3. Exchange is not 100% intact

Defective or missing car? Maybe you are not all afraid because the car has been insured. But be aware, the exchange fee for a defect or loss of a car is not 100%.

The factor is because the price of the car itself decreases every year. This depreciation is legal because the appearance of the car begins to decline, the service life increases, and the level of prestige begins to decrease.

Through aggressive calculations, the possible exchange is close to 70%-80% of the price of the car. That means 20% – 30% of the total loss must be guaranteed using individual money.

4. Suitable methods apply

The last risk is the obligation to explore legal methods. Must include a message explaining the accident or the car has disappeared, including the facts about the loss or robbery, and so on. So it’s not because the car is insured, so you get the privilege of speeding up the redemption of the loss.

You always have to wait to explore the line. Because, customers who face similar events and make claims are not just one or two people, but many.

The waiting time required is approximately 1 month. It can be faster if the action from the insurance company itself is lightning fast.

Guide to Getting the Best Car Insurance

1. Choose the right insurance

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Usually, there are 2 types of insurance, namely Total Loss Only (TLO) and all risk. Create TLO type, cost

change the injury submitted if the means of transportation is acutely disabled, unusable, or lost. On the other hand, all risks generally find greater benefit with complete protection.

To get the right one, you can look at the cost of the means of transportation. If the cost of transportation is more than 10 years, you should choose TLO insurance because the premium payment is much more economical.

If you quote an all-risk type of insurance, the fall is more expensive because you have to pay a loading rate of 5% per year. That’s why all risk insurance is more suitable for cars that are 5 years old, so that the benefits are maximized.

2. Credible industry

To get the best, it is necessary to be quite picky when choosing. This is legal when choosing insurance for your favorite car. Choose a reliable industry another trusted name.

The integrity of the industry can be seen from its official website, citizen evaluations, and insurance capabilities for a specific period of time.

Should take more time to find complete data about the insurance industry. Do not make the wrong selection because the effect is long.

3. Bonuses and benefits must match

The amount of the bonus and the benefits received have been regulated in the OJK’s determination. But whose names are different industries, generally have different benefits even though the premiums are the same.

Some benefits are only legal for damage to cars. There are also benefits that also cover the cost of healing for the helmsman or passengers when an accident occurs.

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This is what should be considered before insuring the car. Data on efficacy can be read in the determination of the policy. If there is something that is not understood, you should ask the insurance officer to avoid incorrect data.

Not only benefits, understand the exceptions too

Already know which type of insurance is suitable for your favorite car? Not only mastering the benefits obtained from car insurance, you should also understand what are the dispensations in the policy. This means to pay attention so that you do not feel burdened when submitting an insurance claim.