Method of Getting a Replacement Car When Claiming Insurance
Method of Getting a Replacement Car When Claiming Insurance

Method of Getting a Replacement Car When Claiming Insurance

For example, feet, cars are always moving and are very susceptible to effects. Running out may happen less often, but disaster has almost certainly often been observed by us or we could have experienced it ourselves.

Just observe the repair shop and car alterations, often full and often we queue up for several days to get service. One way to get a repair service priority is to join a car insurance program.


How meaningful and expensive is car insurance? If your movement is not frequent, just take the Overall Loss Only (TLO) car insurance, but if you often use transportation, then you can take the All Risk car insurance package. All risk will prevent all effects that occur on your car as stated in the car insurance policy.

Sorting Car Insurance According to Needs

Quoting car insurance must be in accordance with the desire to be efficient in terms of payments and benefits obtained. It is necessary to write down the car that you insure whether for individual needs or office operations. This is very important for the choice of car insurance package that you will take.

One that is often an obstacle is the presence of a replacement car when a claim is made. Is a replacement car always included or included in every car insurance package? Not sure yet, regarding the contract printed on your car insurance policy.


So choose an insurance that provides a replacement car if your car is an example of a leg that must always be there at all times. As a result, when a claim is made, your car’s operations can still run well.

Quoting Insurance Packages with Replacement Cars

Of course it’s annoying if you get a car loan and the car is in trouble. But your loss can decrease if you have included your car in an insurance product. Need to know, not all insurance packages provide replacement cars.

Take seriously the determination recorded in your car insurance policy. Make sure some important and common things that must exist such as:

Global protection against destruction or loss of your means of transportation

Third party legal liability

Personal accident insurance for the helmsman and passengers and more importantly, are there any bonus benefits, for example:

Replacement Car

Tow truck


Mobile Claim Services

Correction Guarantee and

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Hotline Service 24 hours

How Expensive is the Replacement Car Facility for the Car Insurance You Take?

Basically a replacement car is free. A replacement car when an insurance claim is made is a bonus tool that is currently found in many insurance packages. However, it should be noted that the means of replacing the character’s car do not penetrate. So there is a limit to the duration of consumption.


If you exceed the duration limit it is considered a charter. Therefore, take a serious look at the clauses in your car insurance policy. Make sure that your car insurance claim is quickly handled by a partner repair shop so that you don’t have to consume a replacement car.

Is the Replacement Car Always Similar or Better to the Car Claimed to the Workshop?

Naturally, in every car insurance policy it is stated that if there is a replacement car facility, then the type and replacement car will be tried to be comparable to the car claimed to the repair shop.

But you need to know that the insurance industry is also not able to fulfill all the demands of replacement cars for car claims that go to workshops, where the number of claims often far exceeds the number of replacement cars available. Not to mention how to work on the workshop also requires a duration of several days.

The status of a replacement car itself is often a rental that the insurance industry tries to cover their operational needs.

So what should you do when a claim is made? His name is also an emergency situation, if you want a claim to be handled quickly so as long as there is a replacement car, you should immediately make a claim regardless of the situation and type of replacement car that is available.

If you want comfort that is comparable to your car and the condition of the car that you want to claim is still in use, then you can queue up waiting for such a replacement car to be available.

What is the Method of Claiming Insurance and Getting a Replacement Car?

How to claim car insurance can explore the method authorized by the insurance company. Naturally, you live and visit through the Call Center of the insurance company and fulfill the required files.


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Well, the question is what about a replacement car when your means of transportation is serviced? Follow this next guide:

1. Save the policy in the car and write the claim number

It’s a good idea to keep a copy of the insurance policy in the car drawer. To make it easier to claim when submitting a claim to the insurance industry customer service, so you will get a claim number or claim ticket. Make sure you get this number to make it easier for you and as a matter of fact you have made a car insurance claim.

2. Ask the partner’s workshop How long is the estimated duration of work

Partner workshops only need a few moments to check your means of transportation and calculate how long the process will take. Don’t forget to ask for the estimated duration so you can calculate how long it will take to use a replacement car so as not to exceed the duration limit for using the replacement car.

Also think about the atmosphere and condition of the partner workshop, whether there are many queues or can be worked on immediately. If it flares up, then you need to hold back and ask if your car can be handled by a mechanic, so you can also monitor the process so that it doesn’t get delayed.

3. Understand the methods and conditions for obtaining a replacement car

After you get data from partner workshops regarding the estimated duration of repairing transportation equipment at the workshop, until the next stage you undergo verification with the insurance company. Insurers generally only want to provide a replacement car if your means of transportation must stay at the workshop.


It is estimated that the processing time from this partner workshop will be a requirement for obtaining a replacement means of transportation. Currently insurance companies often compete in this replacement car service because it is an added number that greatly determines the customer’s choice to buy an insurance product.

Don’t forget, you also need to ask how much you have to pay for the workshop fee. For records of spare parts or any parts that are exchanged and which parts are repaired for completeness, submit information to the insurance company.

The usual methods of insurance claims to get a replacement car are as follows:

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You must confirm that the claim number is already there. Do not enter the car when there is no claim because no claim means that the activity order message from the insurance has dropped, meaning your claim method has been approved by the insurance company.

Usually the insurance industry has a provision to get a replacement car is a minimum of 2 days of work in the workshop.

You must ensure that the repair shop can immediately do it when your car enters the workshop so that the lightning ends. It should be noted that the insurance industry generally only members between 5 days of the calendar to bring a replacement car. Outside of using a replacement car, you will be considered a car charter.

How easy is that how to claim and get a replacement car?

In practice, almost all insurance companies are unable to fulfill the demand for a replacement car at the same time. Usually they only provide 1-2 means of transportation for each type of car from their clients.

How to claim insurance and work on a workshop usually takes 3-5 days, while the number of claims may come in every day if the insurance industry has a lot of customers.

This is what makes a replacement car obliged to queue. Also don’t expect the replacement car situation to match what you expect. Remember the status of a replacement car itself is often a rental that is tried by insurance companies to cover their claim operations so that they are considered and counted as payments by them and must be minimized.

Worst Possible Prediction

The easiest way to try is to get used to the time to enter the repair shop along with getting a replacement car. It should be noted that for workshop claims that are not critical, you can familiarize yourself with this program.

If there is an emergency such as traffic jams, broken mirrors, etc., you inevitably have to put your car in a repair shop immediately. This kind of queuing situation is absolute. You need to write down your claim number so that the insurer can easily see the replacement car inventory and familiarize yourself with the schedule for entering the repair shop for your car.

That way the tradition will always run properly while waiting for the repair shop to fix your car.