Payment for Repair of Flooded Cars Without Insurance
Payment for Repair of Flooded Cars Without Insurance

Payment for Repair of Flooded Cars Without Insurance

The rainy season has arrived. It’s time to prepare for the danger of flooding that is almost every year

It is more acute when the flood arrives immediately. Not yet free to protect property, the flood rushed into the house.


In conclusion, everything was flooded, including the car that was parked in the garage. There is no duration to evacuate him to a larger area.

Also when you’re on track. In one dry place, but in another place or position you miss the flood due to heavy rain that pours.

Rewind has been unable. You guys are trapped with the car. There are only 2 options, waiting for the flood to back down even in uncertainty, or being determined to hit the flood so you can return home.

Both have risks. Because if you wait too, it could be that the flood just keeps getting bigger until it almost sinks your mount.

Especially those planned to break through the flood. Of course there is water that goes into the car and exhaust, and other parts. If this is the case, it requires correction or services to the workshop.

Of course you already know that the cost of repairing a flooded car can make your pocket burst. Especially for those who do not have transportation insurance or car insurance.

Flooded Car Correction Fee

There are 3 methods of dealing with flooded cars in the workshop according to the type of correction or destruction. Each method determines the amount of payment that must be guaranteed by the owner.

The nominal fee also depends on the type, brand, and year of the car. The price of the car continues to be expensive, the repair fee is expensive too.

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Also with the year. Continue to age the age of the car, until it continues to have a lot of destructive power after being inundated by floods.

1. Light correction

Generally, those that are provided with light correction services are cars that are flooded until they hold the bottom carpet. Light type corrections include:

Removing and drying the carpet under the car

Inspect and sterilize brake parts

Break the car starter engine

Check the alternator or generator amperage

Check and adjust bearings or wheel bearings

Checking the arrangement of the electricity in the car

Checking the steering system or power steering

Waste of power steering oil

Change the oil or change the air filter

The fee for light correction of flooded cars ranges from Rp. 3 million to Rp. 4 million.

2. Medium correction

The repair shop will take another correction method if water inundates the car to the bench or seat hanger. There will also be more services than light corrections.

Work that includes corrections again, among others:

Removing and drying the seats, dashboard, door trim (door panels), and speakers


Check radio tape, air conditioning, ignition system, fuel system and car siren

Consumes transmission and axle oil, engine oil, fuel barrels and automatic transmission

The estimated correction fee required for this level is close to IDR 5 million. The fee does not include the payment for the exchange of parts if needed.

3. Weight correction

If this level has to be heavy or very acute. Floods inundated the car to the asbestos or beyond. Requires a more global correction from the outer field, the inner field, to breaking the machine.

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You must be prepared to spend around IDR 7.5 million or more for this heavy correction. Because, of course there is a water hammer.

Water hammer is a machine that stops suddenly because of the large amount of water that enters the combustion chamber, especially the lubrication system. So, you have to break the piston, change the piston ring, and others.


Require Long Duration

The repair fee for the flooded car above is only estimated or estimated. The payment can be more or less related to the workshop.

While the repair time, very fast, it can be 2 days. Or a week is too long because of the damage and the number of cars that have been lined up for repairs.

Flood Collateral on Motorized Transportation Insurance


The cost of repairing a car after being flooded is quite expensive. If you don’t have transportation insurance, the payment can make you dizzy.

Especially when it’s time for a car correction, financially abnormal or many other meaningful desires, increasingly distraught. But if you already have transportation insurance, the payment can be covered by the insurance industry.

What you need to know, the benefits of flooding in motor transportation insurance are included in collateral expansion. So, not only buying down insurance, such as all risk or TLO (Whole Loss Only), but also buying car insurance expansion for flood risk.

Buy Current Car Insurance or Regret Living Old

Having transportation insurance is highly recommended as a stage of protection from all risks that can affect your car. But of course it must be matched with the wishes and financial situation.

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If the insurance budget funds other needs, such as health insurance, then flood expansion TLO insurance can be an option. But if you need insurance with comprehensive protection and are able to pay off the premiums, you can buy all risk insurance.