Rules of the Method of Claiming Motorcycle Insurance Installments During Accident

Rules of the Method of Claiming Motorcycle Insurance Installments During Accident

It’s a bit unlucky when the motor is in a sudden accident, while it’s not because of your mistake. Not only disrupting the expedition, this correction also requires a lot of time, effort, and money if the damage is acute.

It’s good if you buy the motorbike in cash, if the installments will definitely be a certain loss. But it was quiet, when the bike was insured, that the insurance industry was about to change the correction fee with an acute breakdown memo.

Claims can be tried even if the motorbike is purchased in installments. The following are the rules for the claim method.

Rules of the Method of Claiming Motorcycle Insurance Installments During Accident

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1. There is a message explaining the disaster from the police

When an accident occurs in a special position, of course there are one or two police officers there. In addition to securing the position of the accident, the police usually work to write down the time, place, and niche of the formation of the position.

Ask the police for this explanatory message when you want to file an insurance claim. This decree is a solid fact that reports that there is indeed a reality like what you describe. So, the insurance does not think you are exaggerating.


2. Make sure the destruction is 75%

Are all types of damage covered by insurance? The response is no. Insurance will only cover injuries whose percentage is equal to or more than 75%, otherwise it cannot.

This provision is legal for motorcycles that are in installments. If the damage to your motorcycle is close to that percentage, it never hurts to try to apply to insurance. Who knows, it’s approved, so you’ll get a change of injury in the next few weeks.But if it’s not enough, don’t waste your time making a claim. It is possible that the claim will be rejected.

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3. Loading the blank completely

Claim submissions cannot be processed if you do not load the form first. This form can be downloaded on the insurance industry’s official website or come directly to the head office or agent to quote the form.

Fill in the fields printed in the blank with the actual information. If you are asked to explain the way the disaster occurs, then explain briefly.

Before submitting it on the website or submitting it to the insurance agency, make sure everything has been filled out and correct. This will help you speed up how to claim.

4. Include the fact of the damage

Although the explanatory message from the police has been quite helpful in how to claim, but what’s wrong with including a picture of the destruction of your motorcycle. The goal is that the evidence continues to be solid, so that claims are processed quickly.

Make sure the photo quality is good. At least the broken part looks real, so you don’t think it’s a fake photo.

5. Must have SIM

A driving license or driver’s license is an important requirement if you want to drive a means of transportation. Without this, you are not a legal helmsman and events that harm you are thought to be your own fault, you know!

The same is true when you want to make a claim. You must include ownership of a valid SIM to make it easier to claim. If not, it will be natural if the claim submission is rejected.

Because, here you have arguably violated a legal law. So make sure you always carry an active SIM when walking anywhere.

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6. Disasters are not the result of personal mistakes

There is not a single helmsman who wants to hurt himself. But often, this disaster is caused by the behavior of the helmsman. One illustration that is often encountered is parking the means of transportation in a careless way.

Be aware that this is not part of the insurer’s responsibility. Because, everything that is caused by one’s own behavior is the responsibility of the individual. Listed when the event led to a large payoff.

Until then, try to eliminate the routine of parking the means of transportation in a perfunctory way. Make sure to park in a legal place, so when an unplanned means of transportation is hit and seriously injured, you can ask for an injury change to the insurance company. Because it’s not your fault, but the fault of another helmsman.

7. Exploring the motorcycle insurance claim niche

The rules for the method of claiming motorcycle insurance that are disabled due to an accident are arguably more common than missing motorcycles. Even so, you always have to explore the niche that has been defined to speed up the claim process.

The trick is to explore the 6 values ​​above, then wait until the claim is obtained and the disbursement of funds is claimed in a manner. The waiting time is approximately one month.

If the motorbike installment is due before the insurance sends a claim payment, that means you must first use your own money. After the funds are disbursed, immediately pay off the remaining installments and look for the latest motorbike references if you want to use a motorbike.

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Ask What You Don’t Know

Although the conditions are easy, in fact not everyone understands the rules for how to submit an insurance claim on an installment motorbike. You should use the live chat feature found on the industry web page or call the customer service contact. Have all the answers to your questions, then look at the rules of the actual method for speeding insurance claims.