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You Should Try These 18 Trusted Money Making Websites
You Should Try These 18 Trusted Money Making Websites

You Should Try These 18 Trusted Money Making Websites

Currently, many things can be used as a field to make money, both  online  and  offline . Well, one of the media that is commonly used to earn additional income is a  website .

So, is there such a thing  as a money- making website  ? Apparently, there are many people who managed to earn income from  the website  you know.

With  just a smartphone  and the internet, you can also earn additional income from  the website . What are some recommendations  for money-making websites  that you can use? Read the following explanation to the end!

1. Google AdSense 

If you have a blog or YouTube account with a large number of visitors, don’t hesitate to register your blog or YouTube channel on Google AdSense. This money-making website  managed by Google can provide benefits in the form of income derived from the number of visitors to your blog or YouTube every day.

2. Twitch 

If  the previous website  was recommended for those of you who like to write blogs or create YouTube content, then this  website  is recommended for those of you who like to play  online games . Here, you can play while doing  live streaming , you know. Interestingly, if your channel is popular, then you will have the opportunity to earn a lot of income from it.

3. Swagbucks

Want to earn just by watching videos? This  is the next money-making website  that you can rely on! Besides watching videos, you can also get points from this site by filling out surveys, playing  games , and selling affiliate products. Interested in using it?

4. ySense

Furthermore, there is ySense which offers various types of  online  surveys to its visitors to earn money or additional income after filling them out. The amount  of the fee  earned by each visitor varies, depending on the type and number of surveys you take. The more time it takes to fill out a survey, the bigger the fee you can get.

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5. Qmee

If you previously had to expend effort to fill out surveys, then  this one money-making website  can actually provide benefits in the form of income just by  browsing . You just need to register and install the extension to then do a Google search. Later, the extension will display  a special section  that can generate income for you to click.

6. TranscribeMe

Those of you who like to transcribe can be happy because now there is  a money-making website  TranscribeMe that can reward anyone who can transcribe recordings. This site is often used by business people and professionals in transcribing meeting recordings into written form.

7. Fiverr

The next site that can also make money is Fiverr. You who have certain talents or skills can develop your potential to be known by people around the world. The talent or skill referred to here can be in the form of design,  handcraft , and so on.

8. Shutterstock 

Those of you who like photography can make this hobby a field to earn money. By utilizing this money-making website, you can sell the photos you take and set the price according to your wishes. Wow, it’s interesting if you have a hobby that produces!

9. Sribu

Currently, there are many companies or businesses that require design services. Well, this site is here to provide a variety of freelance jobs for designers. Those of you who have a hobby or even work as a designer can take advantage of this opportunity to earn additional income.

10. 99designs 

Still similar to Sribu,  this one money-making website  is also here to facilitate designers who want to find additional income. Interestingly, you can also take part in various competitions or competitions with millions of dollars in prizes held by service seekers on  this website  .

11. KoinWorks

If the previous recommendations were entertainment-themed, this time we turn to the investment theme. KoinWorks is a site that provides investment applications in the form of  peer-to-peer lending  , aka borrower lenders. Through  this website  , you can invest to lend the funds needed by loan seekers and get a lot of knowledge about finance.

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12. Bizhare

The next investment website  is Bizshare. This pioneer  of securities crowdfunding  in Indonesia was established with the aim of helping Indonesians invest and achieve financial freedom. Through this site, there will be many businesses that are funded and the community can do business together (joint ventures).

13. Amartha

A recommended  website  that you can use to earn additional income is Amartha. This P2P Lending service provider has a priority to provide funding to micro and SME business partners. This is done with the aim of modernizing microfinance for lower pyramid communities in the informal economy.

14. Safelink

Furthermore, there are  websites  that can be used to make money only by shortening  links  or links, whether obtained from other sites, social media, or applications. You will get a bonus of up to 15 percent if you invite other people to use this site.

15. 2captcha.com

Want to earn through captcha input jobs? This is the site! Many companies need  this website  for various purposes, especially the collection of valid and accurate data. Well, in return, you can get 1 dollar for input 1000 captcha.

16. Steemit

You can apply the hobby of writing and using social media on this site to earn additional income. Through social media and  blogging  websites that are based on this blockchain  system  , you are required to write interesting and viral articles.

17. Envato

There is another  money-making website  that you can use by selling your work, such as images, MP3, audio, and so on. Regarding receiving funds, you don’t need to worry because the funds will be sent directly to your account.

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18. Sosiago

If you are a content creator or  influencer , then this one site can be the right choice to earn additional income. The trick is to register and run a campaign for business owners according to their marketing goals. 

Those are 18 recommendations for money-making websites  that you can use to earn income. Of the many recommendations, which one is the most suitable for you?